Easter Sunday 2022 in the United States

Easter Sunday 2022 is the joyful celebration of the day when Jesus Christ was resurrected after three days and three nights. It falls on রবিবার, April 12, 2022. According to the Bible, Jesus Christ was the Son of God, born to the Virgin Mary, who had descended on Earth to guide Man onto the path of righteousness.

To do so, Jesus made the ultimate sacrifice and was crucified on false accounts of blasphemy. Three days after his crucifixion, he was resurrected as he had predicted. With one last lesson to his disciples and followers, he left this world to ascend to heaven. The celebrations of Easter Sunday in the US begin a week in advance and include several fun traditions. Let us take a look at everything that Easter Sunday in the US entails.

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Easter Sunday	in United States

Is Easter Sunday In The US A Public Holiday?

Easter Sunday is not a public holiday in the United States according to holidays 2022, however, some stores and businesses remain closed on this occasion. Public transport throughout the country follows their Sunday routine as usual.

How do Americans Celebrate Easter?

Easter Sunday marks the resurrection day of Jesus Christ, and the celebration of Easter in the US entails numerous fun traditions. One of the significant customs is Easter Egg Hunting. Children gather in fields or the garden of their home to search for chocolate Easter Eggs that the Easter Bunny left hidden overnight. Stories claim that Easter Bunny is a Santa-like apparition who comes during Easter Sunday to bring gifts for children who have been at their best behaviour all year. Los Angeles holds a magnanimous Egg Hunt programme in Pershing Square Community Hall.

Easter egg rolls are another fun activity children often partake in – one of the most famous ones being the White House Easter Egg Roll.

The Easter Bonnet Festival of New York is an eccentricity everyone enjoys relishing in. You wear over-the-top dresses as possible to participate in the costume competition.

Los Angeles also celebrates several Easter Sunday in the US in a merry way through the Big Bunny’s Spring Fling, held at the Los Angeles Zoo every year and Blessing of the Animals procession at Olvera Street.

Symbols Associated With Easter Sunday

Easter eggs are a significant part of the festival. Colouring them has been a tradition for a long time, and each colour used has a specific meaning attached to it. Eggs were majorly painted red originally, to symbolize the blood Jesus Christ split for the sake of Man.

As Easter celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ after his wrongful crucifixion, many people often include the scene of his reawakening in decorations. This resurrection is said to represent the renewal of fertility of nature and birth of young animals. It is also believed that as Jesus was resurrected, all the dead of Christians will also arise during the second coming of Christ.

The Easter Bunny is a Santa Clause-like fictional character associated with the celebrations of Easter Sunday in the US. Children believe that the Easter Bunny comes overnight and hides Chocolate Easter Eggs all over the grounds of their home or nearest park. Those who have been on their best behaviour throughout the year find these eggs hidden, especially for them.

Easter Sunday Observances

বছর সপ্তাহের দিন দিনাঙ্ক নাম ছুটির প্রকার
2019 Sun 21 এপ্রিল Easter Sunday ইসাই, পরব
2020 Sun 12 এপ্রিল Easter Sunday ইসাই, পরব
2021 Sun 4 এপ্রিল Easter Sunday ইসাই, পরব
2022 Sun 17 এপ্রিল Easter Sunday ইসাই, পরব
2023 Sun 9 এপ্রিল Easter Sunday ইসাই, পরব
2024 Sun 31 মার্চ Easter Sunday ইসাই, পরব
2025 Sun 20 এপ্রিল Easter Sunday ইসাই, পরব


1. What does Easter Sunday mean?

Easter Sunday is the joyful celebration of the day when Jesus Christ was resurrected after three days and three nights.

2. Why do we celebrate Easter with eggs?

From a Christian viewpoint, it is believed that Easter eggs represent the emergence of Jesus from the tomb and the resurrection.

3. What do Christians do on Easter?

Easter is celebrated by many Christians worldwide with special worship services, songs, candlelight, candles, and the ringing of church bells.

4. What does the Bible Say About Easter?

Jesus said , "I am the resurrection and the immortality. Even if they die, he who believes in me will live; and whoever lives by believing in me will never die.”

Easter Sunday Celebrations in Other Countries

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Easter Sunday - Names in Other Languages

English: Easter Sunday
Spanish: Pascua
Norwegian: Første påskedag
German: Ostersonntag
Korean: 부활절
Hebrew: פסחא
Arabic: عيد القيامة