Easter Monday 2024 in Canada

Easter Monday 2024 in Canada falls on এপ্রিল 1, সোমবার after Easter Sunday and credited as one of the significant Holidays 2024 for Canadians. This day is considered as a religious occasion for the followers of Christianity and primarily observed by Eastern Orthodox and Roman Catholics. According to the Western Christian Liturgical Calendar, Easter Monday occurs on the second day of Eastertide and the second day during the Bright Week as per the Byzantine Rite.

Canadians somberly reflect on the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ, followed by his Resurrection as per the Holy Bible. Let us move ahead and read in detail about this occasion.

2024 এ Easter Monday কখন?


এপ্রিল, 2024


Easter Monday Celebrations in Canada

Is Easter Monday A Public Holiday In Canada?

Easter Monday is observed as a public holiday in three territories and three provinces in Canada. Therefore, schools, colleges and universities, academic institutions, educational organizations, businesses, banks, post offices, retail shops, government and private sector offices remain closed on this day.

Public transportation services may follow a restricted time-table in these places. Overall, Easter Monday is listed as a statutory holiday by the Canadian Federal Government. Hence, employers can announce this day as a holiday, and it is up to their interest to provide the employees with a holiday on either Good Friday or Easter Monday.

Easter Monday in Canada: A Quick History

Easter Monday History holds high significance for Canadians and marks its observance. The tradition of observing a holiday right after Easter Sunday was brought in by European immigrants in Canada. The date of Easter is entirely depends upon the ecclesiastic estimation of the March equinox. Traditionally, it is believed that Jesus Christ descended from Heaven on Earth after his crucifixion, and this occasion came to be known as Easter. The Holy Cross, Act of Resurrection, Easter Bunny, Easter Eggs etc. are some of the popular symbols of Easter Monday.

Easter Monday Celebrations

Easter Monday Celebrations in Canada are carried out with great enthusiasm. Since this day is a holiday for most of the Canadians, they enjoy this day by resting or coming back home from a long four-day weekend vacation. Christian rituals and customs similar to the ones followed on Easter Sunday are followed on this day as well, where Christians recite the preachings of Christ. Religious processions can be seen carried out on this day with people adorning Easter Hats, and in some places, the Act of Crucifixion and Resurrection is enacted in several churches and theatres.

Natives enjoy organizing family get-togethers and preparing delicious meals to be shared among family, friends, loved ones and neighbours. Kids can be seen taking part in Easter Egg Hunting competitions, gorging on Easter Chocolate Eggs and enjoying the weather with their parents.

Easter Monday Observances

বছর সপ্তাহের দিন দিনাঙ্ক নাম ছুটির প্রকার
2019 Mon 22 এপ্রিল Easter Monday রাষ্ট্রীয় ছুটি
2020 Mon 13 এপ্রিল Easter Monday রাষ্ট্রীয় ছুটি
2021 Mon 5 এপ্রিল Easter Monday রাষ্ট্রীয় ছুটি
2022 Mon 18 এপ্রিল Easter Monday রাষ্ট্রীয় ছুটি
2023 Mon 10 এপ্রিল Easter Monday রাষ্ট্রীয় ছুটি
2024 Mon 1 এপ্রিল Easter Monday রাষ্ট্রীয় ছুটি
2025 Mon 21 এপ্রিল Easter Monday রাষ্ট্রীয় ছুটি


1. Is Easter Monday a bank holiday in Canada?

Easter Monday is a statutory holiday in several territories and provinces of Canada. Hence, banks located there remain closed.

2. Is Easter Monday a religious holiday?

Easter Monday is considered a Catholic observance.

3. What are the other names for Easter Monday?

Easter Monday is also called “Renewal Monday” and “Bright Monday”.

Easter Monday Celebrations In Other Countries

From the above information, it is evident that the festival of Easter Monday 2024 in Canada is observed on সোমবার, 1 এপ্রিল with great enthusiasm.

We hope you have enjoyed our article on Easter Monday in Canada and gained some insight about this day. Thank you for connecting with us!

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Easter Monday - Names in Other Languages

English : Easter Monday
Spanish: Lunes de Pascua
Hindi: ईस्टर सोमवार
Dutch : Tweede Paasdag
Slovak: Veľkonočný pondelok
French: Le lundi de Pâques
German: Ostermontag
Greek: Δευτέρα του Πάσχα
Norwegian: Andre påskedag
Italian: Lunedì di Pasquetta