Easter Monday 2021

Easter Monday 2021 occurs after Easter Sunday and is observed by the followers of Christianity all around the globe. This day is primarily observed by Roman Catholics and Eastern Orthodox people and goes by the name Easter Monday as per Roman Catholic beliefs and Bright Monday as per Eastern Orthodox traditions. As per the Western Christian Liturgical Calendar, this day falls on the Eastertide’s second day. Similarly as per the Byzantine Rite followed by Eastern Orthodox Church, this day arrives on the second day of the Bright Week.

Easter Monday Celebrations

Is Easter Monday A Holiday?

Easter Monday, although not a federal holiday, is informally observed in several major countries, including the UK, Canada, USA, India and Australia. Hence, this day can be marked as an optional holiday for some regions and institutions. Therefore, public dealing sectors, business corporations, schools, universities and banks either remain closed on Easter Monday or alter their timings according to a pre-revised schedule.

Easter Monday Observance

Easter Monday marks the commencement of “Bright Week” as per the Eastern Orthodox Church as it is stated by the history associated with this festival. This day is known as Renewal Monday, and most commonly as Bright Monday. The rituals, services and customs followed on this day are similar to Easter Sunday, which includes religious procession after the Holy Sacrifice or Divine Liturgy. In the earlier times, post Easter celebrations include egg hunting and rolling competitions, dowsing people in the holy water and blessing the food and drinks. In the medieval times, big feasts were held on this day, women were either lifted by their legs and arms or dunked in the water by their husbands or boyfriends for good health.

Easter Monday Symbols

One of the significant symbols for Easter Monday is the Cross, that was used to crucify Jesus Christ. People with a strong belief in Christianity see the act of resurrection or rising from the dead of Jesus Christ as a miracle, and observe fasts to mark the Great Lent before Easter Sunday. During the festivity, Easter Bunny is known to be one of the most popular Easter symbols. It is believed that the Hare represents fertility and life in Pagan customs. Kids make nests with colorful Easter Eggs, another symbol of Easter, and add to the vibrant festivity. In today’s times, Easter Bunny & Eggs made of chocolate are popularly consumed throughout the world.

Easter Lily symbolizes hope, innocence and purity, and is offered to the Lord on this day. It is said that the way it blooms resembles the act of Resurrection of Christ. Lambs, Spring Chicks & Butterflies are some of the Easter Monday symbols, and signify purity, life and rebirth. One of the important Easter symbols is the Dogwood Tree, whose wood was used to make the Cross on which Christ was crucified. It is believed that the four petals of the flower of the Dogwood tree represents the Cross, the marls on their edges represents the nails used to crucify the Christ, the crown at its center indicates the crown of thorn worn by the Christ and the color red of the Dogwood berries symbolizes the Blood of Jesus.

Easter Monday Celebrations

Many Christians celebrate this day by resting and energizing themselves after a fun-filled day of Easter Sunday. People enjoy being outdoors and spending time with their families. Easter parades are carried out on this day in some places, where people wear Easter Bonnets and Easter hats and take part in processions. Big feasts are prepared on this occasion, Easter egg-rolling competitions are conducted in numerous parts of the world and couples or siblings douse the other one in water to wake them up as a part of the tradition. As per several Eastern Orthodox Churches, this day is regarded as a day of religious reflection, where natives recite the preachings of the Christ and enact the ordeal when the Christ was crucified.

Easter Monday - Names in Other Languages

English: Easter Monday
Spanish: Lunes de Pascua
Hungarian: Húsvéthétfő
Danish: Anden påskedag
Hindi: ईस्टर सोमवार
Dutch: Tweede Paasdag
Slovak: Veľkonočný pondelok
Slovenian: velikonočni ponedeljek
French: Le lundi de Pâques
German: Ostermontag
Greek: Δευτέρα του Πάσχα
Serbian (cyrillic): Ускршњи Понедељак
Serbian (latin): Uskršnji Ponedeljak
Norwegian : Andre påskedag
Irish: Luan Cásca
Swedish: Annandag påsk
Norwegian (nynorsk): Andre påskedag
Polish : Poniedziałek Wielkanocny
Czech: Velikonoční pondělí


1. Is Easter Monday a holiday in BC?

Easter Monday is a bank holiday in British Columbia.

2. Is Easter Monday a holiday in Canada?

The Canadian federal government is lists down Easter Monday as a national holiday but for some provincial and territorial governments this is not the case.

3. Is Easter Monday considered a religious holiday?

Easter Monday is observed in many countries as a public holiday, and is part of the Easter season. This is a Catholic observance and it is the day after Easter Sunday.

4. Why is Easter Monday?

It’s Easter Monday, before work begins again and the last day of the holiday festivities. This is religious as it is the day that Christians claim that their Messiah came to earth.

We hope you have enjoyed our article on Easter Monday and gained some insight about this day of reflection.