Benin Holidays 2025 and Observances 2025

Get here the updated list of Benin Holidays 2025 and Observances 2025.

Date Name Type
1 January, Wednesday New Year’s Day Public Holiday
10 January, Friday Vodoun Festival Public Holiday
16 January, Thursday Day of Remembrance National Holiday
28 February, Friday People’s Sovereignty Day National Day
8 March, Saturday Women’s Day National Day
31 March, Monday Korité Public Holiday
21 April, Monday Easter Monday Public Holiday
1 May, Thursday Labour Day Public Holiday
11 May, Sunday Mother’s Day Observance
29 May, Thursday Ascension Day Public Holiday
9 June, Monday Whit Monday Public Holiday
15 June, Sunday Father’s Day Observance
7 July, Monday Tabaski Public Holiday
1 August, Friday Independence Day Public Holiday
15 August, Friday Assumption of Mary Public Holiday
5 September, Friday Maouloud Public Holiday
1 November, Saturday All Saint’s Day Public Holiday
25 December, Thursday Christmas Day Public Holiday

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