Benin Holidays 2024 and Observances 2024

Get here the updated list of Benin Holidays 2024 and Observances 2024.

Date Name Type
1 January, Monday New Year’s Day Public Holiday
10 January, Wednesday Vodoun Festival Public Holiday
16 January, Tuesday Day of Remembrance National Holiday
16 January, Tuesday Father’s Day Observance
28 February, Wednesday People’s Sovereignty Day National Day
8 March, Friday Women’s Day National Day
1 April, Monday Easter Monday Public Holiday
10 April, Wednesday Korité Public Holiday
1 May, Wednesday Labour Day Public Holiday
9 May, Thursday Ascension Day Public Holiday
12 May, Sunday Mother’s Day Observance
20 May, Monday Whit Monday Public Holiday
17 July, Wednesday Tabaski Public Holiday
1 August, Thursday Independence Day Public Holiday
15 August, Thursday Assumption of Mary Public Holiday
16 September, Monday Maouloud Public Holiday
1 November, Friday All Saint’s Day Public Holiday
25 December, Wednesday Christmas Day Public Holiday

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