Christmas Day 2023 in Angola

Christmas Day in Angola is a celebratory affair filled with utter merriment, excitement and a sense of love and unity. With over more than half the population Catholic Christians, this day holds high religious as well as global significance. Natives can be seen visiting the Church, attending the Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve and going to the early morning Mass on the day of Christmas with their families and loved ones. Kids can be seen playing around while utterly waiting for “Santa Claus” to visit and gove them their gifts.

2023 இல் எப்போது Christmas Day?


டிசம்பர், 2023

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Christmas Day in Angola

Is Christmas Day a Public Holiday in Angola?

Christmas Day is a public holiday for the general population according to Angola Holidays 2023. This means, offices, colleges, schools, universities, and several other academic institutions remain closed on this day.

Christmas Celebrations in Angola

Christmas Celebrations in Angola hold both spiritual and religious significance. This day is considered auspicious to carry out the ritual of Baptism. This occasion is marked by family feasts, get-togethers and communal celebrations. Grandparents with their kids and grandchildren on this occasion is a common sight during Christmas in Angola.

Some of the famous Christmas meals prepared in the families of Angola are Pirao or Funge with Rice (made of cassava flour or cornmeal), Cooked Cold Fish with Vegetables, also as cozido de bacalhau, Mufete or Grilled Fish with Sweet Potato, Plantains, Cassava and Stewed Palm Oil, Turkey with Rice, Handmade Cakes, Sweet Portugese Cakes called Bolo-Rei and much more. People share well-wishes and gifts with each other on this festive occasion and wish each other Merry/Happy Christmas or ’Feliz Natal’ in the local language.

Christmas Day Observances

ஆண்டு வாரத்தின் நாள் தேதி பெயர் விடுமுறை வகை
2019 பு 25 டிசம்பர் Christmas Day பொது விடுமுறை
2020 வே 25 டிசம்பர் Christmas Day பொது விடுமுறை
2021 25 டிசம்பர் Christmas Day பொது விடுமுறை
2022 25 டிசம்பர் Christmas Day பொது விடுமுறை
2023 தி 25 டிசம்பர் Christmas Day பொது விடுமுறை
2024 பு 25 டிசம்பர் Christmas Day பொது விடுமுறை
2025 வி 25 டிசம்பர் Christmas Day பொது விடுமுறை
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இந்த ஆண்டு தி, 25 டிசம்பர் 2023
அடுத்த ஆண்டு பு, 25 டிசம்பர் 2024
கடைசி ஆண்டு ஞ, 25 டிசம்பர் 2022
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