Christmas Eve 2023 in the United States

Christmas Eve 2023 in the US falls a day before Christmas, i.e., on 24 December according to list of holidays 2023. This is a day about last-minute gift shopping, preparations for Christmas dinners, hanging stockings for gifts, and putting out milk and cookies for Santa, among other things. Most shops and stores can be seen running discounts on this day. Many malls and such places host a place for Santa and his elves.

Young children with their parents visit Santa Claus, sit on his knees, and tell him their wishlist if they think they have been well-behaved throughout the year. In return, they often receive a surprise gift from Santa. Christmas, the festival associated with the birth of Jesus Christ, as well as the arrival of Santa Claus, is one of the most awaited feasts throughout the country. Christmas Eve in the US is the last step before we reach that celebration. Let us take a look at all that this day comprises.

When is Christmas Eve in 2023?


December, 2023


Christmas Eve	in United States

Is Christmas Eve A Holiday In The US?

Christmas Eve In The US is not a public holiday. However, it is a state holiday in several regions, while many places have a partial off on the day. Most schools and universities around the country remain closed on this day. Public transportations may not follow their usual route or have a reduced circuit at this time, depending on the state.

What Is Done On Christmas Eve In The US?

Christmas Eve in the US is the day when most adults around the country can often either be seen running around for eleventh-hour shopping or taking their children to see Santa. This day is as hectic as it is jovial. People around the country are finishing up their last-minute preparations for the most essential feast of the year. This includes not only buying and wrapping up the gifts they forgot or arrived at the last moment, but also Christmas dinner and decorations.

Most families gather together on this day for hot chocolate, eggnog, and stories. They often sit around the fireplace and discuss old family anecdotes and parables, reminisce the year gone by, and enjoy. Children are often put to sleep early so that they do not miss out on the gifts brought by Santa.

What Are Some Christmas Eve Traditions In The US?

Christmas Eve in the US comes with many traditions that may differ from family to family. Majority of these include:

  • Of all the Christmas gifts collected at the bottom of the tree, families often open one on Christmas Eve in the US. These would usually contain sweaters or pajamas or something similar every year. The rest of the gifts vary each year and are opened the next morning.

  • Families often gather in the evening, with children drinking hot chocolate, adults – eggnog, and discuss Christmas stories and anecdotes, among other things. Carollers often take the time to go from door to door and sing Christmas Carols during this time.

  • Going to the Church is another tradition many families adhere to, not only on Christmas but also on Christmas Eve in the US.

  • Before they go to sleep, children put up stockings if they have not already. These stockings, often containing their names or initials, are then filled by Santa Claus, who usually comes down the chimney at midnight.

  • Young children also put out milk & cookies for Santa Claus before they go to sleep on Christmas Eve in the US. These are refreshments for him, as he goes around the world, distributing gifts among millions of children. Many often also put out a carrot for his reindeers.

  • Many households also keep a Christmas list besides the milk and cookies, so that Santa Claus knows what the children want. In some places, this list is burnt in the fireplace instead. It is believed that in doing so, the wishes go up the chimney with the smoke and reach Santa in the North Pole.

Christmas Eve Observances

Year Weekday Date Name Holiday Type
2019 Tue 24 December Christmas Eve Observance, Christian
2020 Thu 24 December Christmas Eve Observance, Christian
2021 Fri 24 December Christmas Eve Observance, Christian
2022 Sat 24 December Christmas Eve Observance, Christian
2023 Sun 24 December Christmas Eve Observance, Christian
2024 Tue 24 December Christmas Eve Observance, Christian
2025 Wed 24 December Christmas Eve Observance, Christian


1. Do Americans have Christmas dinner on Christmas Eve?

No, Americans do dinner on Christmas Day night. They have a get together for Dinner on Christmas Eve.

2. Why do we eat 7 fish on Christmas Eve?

The ancient tradition of eating fish on Christmas Eve dates from the Roman Catholic custom of abstinence. Every year many people in the U.S. celebrate Christmas Eve’s Feast of the Seven Fishes.

3. What do the French eat on Christmas Eve?

The main Christmas meal, called ’Réveillon,’ is eaten on Christmas Eve/early Christmas morning after people are back from church service at midnight.

4. What is the traditional Christmas Eve meal?

The traditional meals are either cabbage soup, lentil soup, fish soup, mushroom soup, pea soup and fried fish served with potato salad.

5. Why is UK and US festivalName different?

festivalName falls on various days relying upon the nations where it is commended. It is held on the second Sunday of May in other countries, for example, Australia, Canada and the US. It is held precisely three weeks before Easter Sunday in the UK.

Christmas Eve Celebrations in Other Countries

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Quick Facts

This year: Sun, 24 December 2023
Next year: Tue, 24 December 2024
Last year: Sat, 24 December 2022
Type: Observance, Christian

Christmas Eve - Names in Other Languages

English: Christmas Eve
Spanish: Nochebuena
Norwegian: Julaften
Korean: 크리스마스 이브
Korean: 크리스마스 이브
Hebrew: ערב חג המולד
German : Heiligabend
Arabic: ليلة عيد الميلاد