Queen’s Birthday 2023 in the United Kingdom

The Queen’s Birthday 2023 in the United Kingdom is a major public event as she happens to be one of the most prime and prominent figures, not just for the royal family but the entire United Kingdom. The fiery monarch’s power is hard to resist and till date she has not lost her charm.

Elizabeth Alexandria Mary Winsdor, better known as Elizabeth II has her sovereign reigns over the United Kingdom and sixteen Commonwealth realms. Born to George IV and Elizabeth Bowes Lyon, she belongs to the house Winsdor. Nevertheless, let’s talk about the Queen’s birthday here and some other facts associated with this day.

When is Queen’s Birthday in 2023?


June, 2023


Queen’s Birthday	in United Kingdom

Is the Queen’s Birthday a Public Holiday in the United Kingdom?

Queen’s Birthday is not observed as a public holiday in the UK and falls on Saturday, 13 June 2023 according to Holidays 2023. Even though people take part in the celebrations, it is a normal working day and no official leave is granted for this day. Most businesses follow regular opening hours in the United Kingdom. On Her Majesty the Queen’s official birthday, the other members of the royal family pay a visit to her.

Hence, on this day the Royal family of England come together to take part in the celebrations of the fiery monarch. Together, they wave to the common people from the balcony of the majestic Buckingham Palace. Alongside, the celebrations of Trooping the Colour also take place on this day only. A Parade is organized on this day which covers Buckingham Palace, The Horse Guards Parade along with the Mall.

When is the Queen’s Birthday Celebrated?

The Queen’s Birthday falls on 21st April every year and on this day, she was born at 2:40 AM. Her Majesty the Queen celebrates her birthday in a very private manner on this day. But readers should also remain aware of the fact that just like her predecessors, the Queen’s birth anniversary is also commemorated twice. Hence, her official birthday is celebrated on 13 June every year, which also coincides with Trooping the Colour festival.

The Royal family members pay a visit to her at Buckingham palace on her special day. This tradition came into existence with King George II’s birth in 1748, when he was born during the chilling winters of November. In order to save his subjects from falling prey to the viciously cold weather, he decided to merge his birthday celebrations with Trooping the Colour festivities. Ever since then, the birthday festivities of his successors get commenced twice a year. Under this custom, her Majesty the Queen’s birthday is also celebrated on 21 st April as well as 13th June every year.

Why is the Queen’s Birthday Celebrated?

It has already been mentioned before that her majesty the Queen holds great power and position over the entire United Kingdom and the Commonwealth realms. Her ruling sphere has existed for quite a while now. No other British Monarch in history has ruled for such a long period of time. Since the United Kingdom is affiliated to a constitutional form of Monarchy, Elizabeth II, the current Monarch formally opens the parliament every year and no bill can get passed in the parliament without the stamp of approval provided by the Queen.

This particular process is called the Royal Assent. Her unique power position also demands her to crucially represent the nation’s identity, unity and pride. Apart from this, there are also some other unique powers and privileges bestowed upon her, which makes her a truly special figure in not only the UK and the Commonwealth Realms, but all over the world.

Considering all these facts and details, it is not hard for us to believe why the Queen’s Birthday is an important day in the UK and celebrated with much pomp and show. As of now, the Queen is 93 years old and we wish her nothing but happiness and prosperity. Let us move on to find out some more trivia about the Queen.

Fun Facts About Queen Elizabeth II

1. In her reigning sphere, she has been served by Fourteen Prime Ministers of the United Kingdom.

2. She is the only person who can drive around in the United Kingdom without a license. Imagine the power she beholds.

3. Quite a pet lover, the epitome of royalty, Queen Elizabeth owns a jaguar, an elephant, a pair of sloths and giant turtles.

4. The Duke of Edinburgh, whom she married eventually, happens to be her third cousin. They have known each other since childhood.

5. The powerful Monarch also doesn’t need a Passport to fly and travel across countries.

6. After multiple attempts, she eventually served the war which broke out in 1939 and became a part of the women’s Auxiliary Territorial Service.

7. She also acquired training as a Mechanic and a Truck driver in 1945 to serve the war needs.

Queen’s Birthday Observances

Year Weekday Date Name Holiday Type
2019 Sat 8 June Queen’s Birthday Observance
2020 Sat 13 June Queen’s Birthday Observance
2021 Sat 12 June Queen’s Birthday Observance
2022 Sat 11 June Queen’s Birthday Observance
2023 Sat 10 June Queen’s Birthday Observance
2024 Sat 8 June Queen’s Birthday Observance
2025 Sat 14 June Queen’s Birthday Observance


1. Is there a bank holiday for the Queen’s birthday?

No, there is not a specific bank holiday for Queen’s birthday.

2. What does the Queen do on her birthday?

The Queen usually spends her actual birthday with her children, but at midday in London there will be special gun salutes to mark it.

3. What star sign is the Queen?

Queen Elizabeth’s star sign is Taurus.

4. Are shops closed on Queen’s birthday?

The Queen’s birthday is on Monday (not her actual birthday which is-another story) and you can find most smaller shops closed or working on reduced hours.

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So, these are the facts and details you need to know about the Queen’s Birthday Celebrations 2023 in the UK. We hope you enjoyed reading this piece. Thankyou for staying connected with us!!

Quick Facts

This year: Sat, 10 June 2023
Next year: Sat, 8 June 2024
Last year: Sat, 11 June 2022
Type: Observance

Queen’s Birthday - Names in Other Languages

German: Queen’s Birthday
French: Fête de la Reine
Norwegian (nynorsk): Dronningens bursdag
Norwegian: Dronningens bursdag