New Year’s Day 2021 in Thailand

New Year Day 2021 in Thailand is observed as an extended version of Thai New Year, that falls during April, known as Songkran. Thai natives observe New Year on January 01 as per Gregorian Calendar and celebrate this day with immense happiness and a sense of togetherness. Huge public display events, music concerts and other activities are organized all over the country, and natives can be seen enjoying this day to the fullest. Let us go ahead and know more about this occasion.

When is New Year’s Day in 2021?


જાન્યુઆરી, 2021


Is New Year’s Day a Public Holiday in Thailand?

New Year’s Day is a public holiday for the general population according to Thailand Holidays 2021. This means, offices, colleges, schools, universities, and several other academic institutions remain closed on this day.

New Year Celebrations in Thailand

Magnificent fireworks are conducted in various parts of Thailand on both New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. People are seen wishing each other a Happy New Year in their native language, i.e. สวัสดีปีใหม่ / S̄wạs̄dī pī h̄ım̀ and paying a year-end visit to their parents and loved ones.

Both the locals and tourists can be seen visiting Chiang Mai and Pattaya, two of the popular tourist destinations, to kick start their New Year amidst natural beauty engulfed in both traditional and modern customs. Many Thai natives visit the local Buiddhist Temples to “make the merit” by offering donations, alms and gifts to the Buddhist monks. On New Year’s Day, Thai Buddhists listen to religious sermons, attend meditation retreats and release a fish or bird as per the customs.

New Year’s Day Observances

વર્ષ સપ્તાહ ના દિવસ તારીખ નામ રજાઓ ના પ્રકાર
2019 મંગળ 1 જાન્યુઆરી New Year’s Day રાાષ્ટ્રીય રજા
2020 બુધ 1 જાન્યુઆરી New Year’s Day રાાષ્ટ્રીય રજા
2021 શુક્ર 1 જાન્યુઆરી New Year’s Day રાાષ્ટ્રીય રજા
2022 શનિ 1 જાન્યુઆરી New Year’s Day રાાષ્ટ્રીય રજા
2023 રવિ 1 જાન્યુઆરી New Year’s Day રાાષ્ટ્રીય રજા
2024 સોમ 1 જાન્યુઆરી New Year’s Day રાાષ્ટ્રીય રજા
2025 બુધ 1 જાન્યુઆરી New Year’s Day રાાષ્ટ્રીય રજા

New Year Celebrations in Other Countries

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