South Africa Holidays 2024 and Observances 2024

Get here the updated list of South Africa Holidays 2024 and Observances 2024.

Date Name Type
1 January, Monday New Year’s Day Public Holiday
7 February, Wednesday Isra and Mi’raj Muslim
21 March, Thursday Human Rights Day Local holiday
29 March, Friday Good Friday Public Holiday
30 March, Saturday Holy Saturday Observance
31 March, Sunday Easter Sunday Observance
1 April, Monday Family Day Public Holiday
5 April, Friday Laylatul Qadr / Night of Power Muslim
10 April, Wednesday Eid ul Fitr Muslim
27 April, Saturday Freedom Day Public Holiday
1 May, Wednesday Worker’s Day Public Holiday
9 May, Thursday Ascension Day Observance
12 May, Sunday Mother’s Day Observance
19 May, Sunday Pentecost Observance
16 June, Sunday Youth Day Public Holiday
16 June, Sunday Father’s Day Observance
17 June, Monday Eid ul Adha Muslim
8 July, Monday Muharram/Islamic New Year Muslim
18 July, Thursday Nelson Mandela Day Observance
9 August, Friday National Women’s Day Public Holiday
16 September, Monday Milad un Nabi / Mawlid Muslim
24 September, Tuesday Heritage Day Public Holiday
1 November, Friday All Saint’s Day Observance
16 December, Monday Day of Reconciliation Public Holiday
24 December, Tuesday Christmas Eve Observance
25 December, Wednesday Christmas Day Public Holiday
26 December, Thursday Day of Goodwill Public Holiday
31 December, Tuesday New Year’s Eve Observance

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