Independence Day 2023 in India

Independence Day 2023 in India is observed on મંગળવાર, 15 ઑગસ્ટ and commemorates the day when India became an independent country, i.e. on 15 August 1947 and attained the legislative sovereignty in its own hands from the UK Parliament.

This day is considered as one of the most patriotic and significant Holidays 2023 and marks a nationwide celebration of Indian Independence with great pomp and show. This day is regarded as a national holiday, and several events and programs are organized and carried out respectively in different forms. Let us know more about this day and celebrations.

સ્વતંત્રતા દિવસ 2023 માં ક્યારે છે?


ઑગસ્ટ, 2023


Independence Day	in India

Is Harmony Day a Public Holiday?

Harmony Day is not a public holiday, according to Holidays 2023. This day is nationally observed on 21 March every year, and despite its significance, this day is regarded as a normal working day. Since it is not a public holiday for major regions, people work on a normal basis and follow the regular hours.

Schools and colleges organize certain cultural events and commemorate the underlying lesson of solidarity, respect and integrity. People adorn Orange ribbons, wristbands or clothing to show their support for this day.

Harmony Day History

Harmony Day history holds high significance and preaches the message of cultural unison and disparity with the motto “Everyone Belongs” and is organized by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection, Australia. This quote preaches the significance of religious, political, social and cultural inclusiveness in the hearts of Australians.

This has been regarded as an Australian program since 1999, and is observed by community groups, families, schools, government and public agencies and much more. On this day, people come together, conduct and participate in local activities, and honors the feeling of respect and unison among each other. The color Orange is widely adorned on this day.

Why Do We Wear Orange On Harmony Day?

Orange is said to be the chosen color for Harmony Day. Conventionally speaking, the color Orange signifies determination and meaningful communication, and represents mutual respect and freedom of thoughts and ideas. This is why Australian natives widely wear this color in any form, be it a band, ribbons, t-shirt or sweater, to show their support.

Harmony Day Facts

Here we are jotting down some Harmony Day facts that describe the cultural diversity of Australia and sheds light on the disparity that makes Australia one of the densely populated country:

1. It is believed that about 70,000+ stages have been conducted on Harmony Day since its inception in 1999, that aim to create awareness about various heritages and religions coexisting in the Australian communities.

2. It is stated that around 250+ Indigenous or Aboriginal languages are spoken in Australia.

3. It has been evaluated that around more than 45% Australians are either not a birth-native of the country, i.e. born overseas, or have one of the parents in the same category.

4. After English, Australia’s top five languages are Mandarin, Arabic, Cantonese, Vietnamese and Italian. Quite versatile!

5. The United Kingdom, China (excluding Taiwan and Hong Kong), Italy, New Zealand and Vietnam are the top five countries from where immigrants come to reside in Australia.

Harmony Day Celebrations

1. Harmony Day helps to break down the racist barriers and discrimination, and allows natives to come together as one without any prejudice. People from different cultures and religions must be respected and embraced without any further thoughts. One of the Harmony Day celebration ideas is to make society safe and sound for people of different religions or cultures by giving them space, time and opportunity to adapt and learn about the country and surroundings.

2. Schools and colleges host fairs, assemblies, events etc. to mark the day’s significance.

3. Communal groups host tea parties and get-togethers to welcome people of different backgrounds, where people enjoy mouth-watering delicacies from around the world and share their experiences.

4. People wear the Color of Anti-Discrimination, Orange on Harmony Day, and take part in street processions.

5. Social media platforms are used as a means to raise awareness on Harmony Day.

સ્વતંત્રતા દિવસ Observances

વર્ષ સપ્તાહ ના દિવસ તારીખ નામ રજાઓ ના પ્રકાર
2019 ગુરૂ 15 ઑગસ્ટ સ્વતંત્રતા દિવસ ગેઝેટેડ રજા
2020 શનિ 15 ઑગસ્ટ સ્વતંત્રતા દિવસ ગેઝેટેડ રજા
2021 રવિ 15 ઑગસ્ટ સ્વતંત્રતા દિવસ ગેઝેટેડ રજા
2022 સોમ 15 ઑગસ્ટ સ્વતંત્રતા દિવસ ગેઝેટેડ રજા
2023 મંગળ 15 ઑગસ્ટ સ્વતંત્રતા દિવસ ગેઝેટેડ રજા
2024 ગુરૂ 15 ઑગસ્ટ સ્વતંત્રતા દિવસ ગેઝેટેડ રજા
2025 શુક્ર 15 ઑગસ્ટ સ્વતંત્રતા દિવસ ગેઝેટેડ રજા


1. Is Indian Independence Day a bank holiday?

Yes. Indian Independence Day is regarded as a bank holiday.

2. Can I visit the shopping store on the day of Independence Day?

No. shopping stores remain closed on the day of Independence Day in India. However, they may open for a short period of time in the evening, so you can enquire once.

3. Can alcohol be consumed on the day of Indian Independence Day?

Sale of alcohol is prohibited on Indian Independence Day since it is a dry day in India. However, you are advised not to drink and drive on this day.

4. Which country celebrates Independence Day with India?

Five different countries celebrate Independence Day with India: North Korea, South Korea, Democratic Republic of Congo, Liechtenstein and Bahrain.

From the above information, it is evident that the Independence Day 2023 in India is celebrated on મંગળવાર, 15 ઑગસ્ટ with great patriotism and enthusiasm. We hope you have liked this article on Independence Day in India. Thank you for being an important part of AstroSage.

ઝડપી તથ્યો

આ વર્ષઃ મંગળ, 15 ઑગસ્ટ 2023
આગામી વર્ષ: ગુરૂ, 15 ઑગસ્ટ 2024
અંતિમ વર્ષ: સોમ, 15 ઑગસ્ટ 2022
પ્રકાર: Gazetted Holiday

Independence Day - Names in Other Languages

English: Independence Day
Hindi: स्वतंत्रता दिवस
Tamil: சுதந்திர தினம்
Telugu: స్వాతంత్ర దినోత్సవం
Kannada: ಸ್ವಾತಂತ್ರ್ಯ ದಿನ
Marathi: स्वातंत्र दिवस
Gujarati: સ્વતંત્રતા દિવસ
Bengali: স্বাধীনতা দিবস
Malayalam: ഇന്റിപെൻഡൻസ് ഡേ