Hazrat Ali’s Birthday 2024 in India

Hazrat Ali’s Birthday 2024 in India marks the birth anniversary of the great political and spiritual figure in Islam, Hazrat Ali, also known as Ali ibn Abi Talib. Normally, it is observed on the thirteenth day during the seventh month of the Islamic Calendar (Rajab). This year, this date falls on Wednesday, 24 January. This holiday is observed widely among Muslims as a religious event and celebrations are carried out nationwide accordingly.

Let us know more about one of the important Islamic Holidays 2024 and get a quick insight about Hazrat Ali’s Birthday history. Also, go on and read some of the stated quotes and teachings by Hazrat Ali.

When is Hazrat Ali’s Birthday in 2024?


January, 2024


Hazrat Ali’s Birthday in India

Is Hazarat Ali’s Birthday a Public Holiday?

Hazrat Ali’s Birthday is not a public holiday in India but observed as an optional holiday in some states. Hence, Hazrat Ali’s Birthday in India is a public holiday in Uttar Pradesh, but optionally observed as a holiday all over the nation. Hence, in several regions of Uttar Pradesh, schools, universities, colleges and other academic institutions remain closed on this day.

Also, the government and private sector also grant leaves to the employees on this eventful day. However, some offices may alter the working hours on this day, and employees are free to apply for a full or half-day leave.

Also, where it is not a holiday, public places, public dealing offices and academic institutions operate normally. Public transportation services also operate as per the scheduled time-table. However, some traffic can be seen nearby religious places.

Hazrat Ali’s Birthday History

Hazrat Ali’s Birthday History in India holds prominent significance, and sheds light on its celebration and observance. As per the records, Hazrat Ali was born Ali ibn Abi Talib as the son of Fatimah bint Asad and Abu Talib within a sacred sanctuary of Kabba, Mecca on the thirteenth day in the Islamic month of Rajab.

He is said to be the son-in-law of the great Prophet Mohammed and his rightful heir. He is known to be extremely courageous, who stood by Hazrat Muhammad as his constant companion and fought the battles in order to lay the primary foundation of Islam. He has been entitled by many names due to his deeds, several events and qualities, some of them being:

  • Al-Murtaza (The Chosen One)
  • Amir al-Mu’minin (Commander of the Faithful Ones)
  • Bab-e Madinatul-Ilm (Door of City of the Knowledge)
  • Abu Turab (Father of the Soil)
  • Asad Allah (Lion of God)
  • Haydar (Braveheart or Lion)
  • Walad al-Kabah (Son of the Kaaba).

After some time, he migrated to Medina, and eventually married the daughter of Prophet Muhammad, Fatima bint Muhammad. Later in 656, he became the fourth Caliph after the assassination of Uthman Ibn Affan, the third Caliph. As per the Shia Muslims, he is regarded as the first Imam and Caliph after Prophet Mohammed, while Sunnis regard him as the fourth Rashidun Caliph.

He is known to be extremely loyal to Prophet Mohammed, had a scholarly mind, was courageous and generally forgiving in times of war. It is said that later on at the age of 59, he was assassinated while he was offering his prayers in the Great Mosque of Kufa. It is believed that he was struck hard by a Kharijite with a poisonous sword in his head.

Why is Hazrat Ali Respected In Islam?

In Islamic scriptures, Hazrat Ali is considered as a respected entity for his knowledge, honesty, immense dedication and loyalty for his religion, and a sense of equality and justice. His quality of generously forgiving enemies defeated in war and equal treatment of his supporters made him an idol human being. He was known to be a kind person, who had compassion for the poor and needy and helped them in every manner possible.

His endowments (Waqf), popularly known as the “Alms of Ali” had a total of twenty-four thousand gold dinars, which he distributed among the poor and those in need. He would spend his time cultivating fields, digging wells, planting trees and building houses for the common folks but lead a simple and strict life himself.

Hazrat Ali’s Birthday Celebrations In India

Hazrat Ali, also as Ali ibn Abi Talib, is known to be the son-in-law of the founder of Islam, Prophet Mohammad and considered his rightful heir by Shia Muslims. His birth anniversary is observatory as a festive event among devout followers of Islam. Seen as a source of inspiration for his deeds and preachings, Mosques around the country are beautifully decorated, and community feasts are organised. Muslims greet each other on this day, remember his sayings and quotes and offer a pious Namaz in the mosque thanking his contribution.

After this, sweets within the people of the community are distributed. Qawwalis are widely organized to praise the existence of Hazrat Ali, and devotional songs are sung. Traditional dishes are prepared in the homes, and relatives pay a visit on this day and spend time together remembering Hazrat Ali’s teachings and contribution.

Precious Quotes and Thoughts by Hazrat Ali

Below we are mentioning some of the profound quotes and preachings quoted by the great Ali ibn Abi Talib, popularly known as Hazrat Ali.

  • "To make one good action succeed another, is the perfection of goodness."
  • "He who has a thousand friends has not a friend to spare, and he who has one enemy will meet him everywhere."
  • "A man’s measure is his will."
  • "A person’s intellect becomes apparent through his dealings, and a man’s character is known by the way he exercises authority."
  • “The tongue is like a lion. If you let it loose, it will wound someone.”

Hazrat Ali’s Birthday Observances

Year Weekday Date Name Holiday Type
2019 Thu 21 March Hazrat Ali’s Birthday Restricted Holiday
2020 Mon 9 March Hazrat Ali’s Birthday Restricted Holiday
2021 Thu 25 February Hazrat Ali’s Birthday Restricted Holiday
2022 Tue 15 February Hazrat Ali’s Birthday Restricted Holiday
2023 Sat 4 February Hazrat Ali’s Birthday Restricted Holiday
2024 Wed 24 January Hazrat Ali’s Birthday Restricted Holiday
2025 Mon 13 January Hazrat Ali’s Birthday Restricted Holiday


1. Is Hazrat Ali’s Birthday a bank holiday in India?

Hazrat Ali Birthday is a restricted bank holiday in India.

2. How did Hazrat Ali die?

Hazrat Ali was assassinated while praying in the Great Mosque of Kufa by a Kharijite.

3. When and where Hazrat Ali was born?

Hazrat Ali was born as Ali ibn Abi Talib on 15 September 601 in Mecca, Hijaz, Arabia.

4. At what age did Hazrat Ali die?

Hazrat Ali died at the age of 59 years on 29 January 661.

From the above information, it is evident that the event of Hazrat Ali’s Birthday 2024 in India is observed on Wednesday, 24 January with great enthusiasm.

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Quick Facts

This year: Wed, 24 January 2024
Next year: Mon, 13 January 2025
Last year: Sat, 4 February 2023
Type: Restricted Holiday

Hazrat Ali Birthday in India - Names in Other Languages

English: Hazrat Ali’s Birthday, Birthday of Hazrat Ali
Hindi: हजरत अली का जन्मदिन
Urdu: حضرت علی’s کی سالگرہ