Saskatchewan Day 2019 in Canada

Saskatchewan Day 2019 in Canada will be celebrated on 5 ఆగస్టు and is given the status of public holiday in the province of Saskatchewan.

Let’s talk about Saskatchewan Day from the list of Holidays 2019. If you are unsure of when or how Saskatchewan Day 2019 should be celebrated in Canada, keep reading this article. You will get detailed insights about the celebration, when and why it is commemorated, and all that it entails.

Saskatchewan Day in Canada is a long weekend for the people of the Canadian province to celebrate the history of Saskatchewan.

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Saskatchewan Day Celebrations in Canada

Is Saskatchewan Day in Canada a Public Holiday?

Saskatchewan Day is given the status of a public holiday in the province of Saskatchewan, according to Holidays 2019. The celebration falls on the first Monday of August month. All businesses, retail stores, and shops, as well as the schools, and universities remain closed on this day. Public Transportations also do not follow their usual route, working reduced hours.

Saskatchewan Day Holiday History in Canada

Many regions in Canada celebrate Civic Day on 5 ఆగస్టు 2019, and these holidays usually commemorate the heritage and culture of the Canadian provinces. The history of Saskatchewan Day truly begins in 1975. Although the day was celebrated before that as well by businesses, it was not a statutory holiday. Gordon Snyder, the Minister of Labour of Saskatchewan, put forward this proposal of declaring the first Monday of August, an official holiday.

This motion of 17 March 1975 was quickly approved in June, and Saskatchewan Day 1975 was the first official observance of this holiday. This year was also the 70th anniversary of the province itself. In his proposition, Snyder mentioned that the winters of Canada were ’long and harsh’, and the summers too short. Therefore, he asked for the August Long Weekend, which would not require any specific celebrations. Instead, people would gather together, pause and appreciate the beautiful lands of Saskatchewan and each other.

History of Saskatchewan

Like most of North America, Saskatchewan was originally home to the First Nations peoples. In May 1670, British monarch King Charles II claimed sovereignty over “the lands which drained into the Hudson Bay watershed [sic].” These were granted to the Hudson Bay Company and came to be known as Rupert’s Lands. Fur trade began between the locals and the Europeans. Though with some problems between the various tribes of indigenous peoples and with the settlers as well.

In 1870, the Northwest Territories of Rupert’s Land were divided into provisional districts. Those formed in 1882 were Saskatchewan, Assiniboia, Athabasca, and Alberta. Saskatchewan finally became a province in 1905, and the proposal of railway lines came soon afterwards. The government became the owner of Bell Telephone Company in 1909, and women got the right to vote in 1916. Saskatchewan Day in Canada became official in 1975, the 70th anniversary of the province.

Public Life on Saskatchewan Day in Canada

The public life on Saskatchewan Day in Canada is quite similar to that of the other Canadian provinces on Civic Day. People relax on the August Long Weekend and spend their time with their family and friends. Barbecues, sports activities, museum visits, theatre, street performances, vendor’s markets, etc. set the theme for the day.

Just as Gordon Snyder proposed, citizens observe Saskatchewan Day in Canada by gathering together and enjoying the stunning prairies that are Saskatchewan. Many places host fests to showcase the history and heritage of the province, allowing the people to learn more and connect with their home. Many ’Saskatchewan-associated activities’ are also held by some Museums on Saskatchewan Day in Canada.

Saskatchewan Day Observances

సంవత్సరం వార రోజు తేదీ పేరు సెలవు రకం
2019 సోమ 5 ఆగస్టు Saskatchewan Day సామాన్య స్థానిక సెలవు
2020 సోమ 3 ఆగస్టు Saskatchewan Day సామాన్య స్థానిక సెలవు
2021 సోమ 2 ఆగస్టు Saskatchewan Day సామాన్య స్థానిక సెలవు
2022 సోమ 1 ఆగస్టు Saskatchewan Day సామాన్య స్థానిక సెలవు
2023 సోమ 7 ఆగస్టు Saskatchewan Day సామాన్య స్థానిక సెలవు
2024 సోమ 5 ఆగస్టు Saskatchewan Day సామాన్య స్థానిక సెలవు
2025 సోమ 4 ఆగస్టు Saskatchewan Day సామాన్య స్థానిక సెలవు


1. How are statutory holidays paid in Saskatchewan?

If someone works on statutory holidays like Saskatchewan Day in Canada, then their wage of four weeks (28 days - including commissions and vacation pay) is calculated and multiplied by 5% (0.05).

2. What is open and closed on Saskatchewan Day in Canada?

The civic offices, leisure centres, most businesses, and government offices remain closed on Saskatchewan Day in Canada. However, places hosting the commemorations remain open in the morning.

3. How do other provinces celebrate Saskatchewan Day in Canada?

The first Monday of August is collectively celebrated as Civic day in Canada. However, it is commemorated as British Columbia Day and New Brunswick Day in the respective provinces, Natal Day in Nova Scotia, and Terry Fox Day in Manitoba.

Tl;dr For those who only wish to know When is Saskatchewan Day in 2019? The date is 5 ఆగస్టు, సోమవారం.

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Saskatchewan Day - Names in Other Languages

English: Saskatchewan Day
French: Fête de la Saskatchewan
Scottish Gaelic: Latha Saskatchewan
Irish: Lá Saskatchewan
Ukrainian: День Саскачевану
Norwegian: Saskatchewan-Dagen
Polish: Dzień Saskatchewan
German: Saskatchewan Day