New Year’s Eve 2020 in Canada

Let us get some more detailed insights about Christmas Day in Canada. New Year’s Eve 2020 in Canada is the last day of a year of the Gregorian Calendar. It is the commemoration of letting go of the past and looking forward to a better future.

Let’s talk about New Year’s Eve from the list of Holidays 2020. Continue reading about New Year’s Eve in 2020 to get detailed insights about the celebration, when and why it is celebrated, and all that it entails. New Year’s Eve is the day to celebrate all that we have learnt in this past year and take these lessons in the new year with a clearer heart.

When is New Year’s Eve in 2020?


December, 2020


New Year’s Eve	in Canada

Is New Year’s Eve In Canada A Public Holiday?

New Year’s Eve 2020 in Canada is not a public holiday and will be celebrated on 31 December. Businesses, stores, and shops open as usual. However, schools and universities usually remain closed owing to their Winter Break. Government offices may close earlier than usual, and Public Transportations also offer reduced services once evening falls. However, in places where numerous parties are ongoing, cabs and such services are likely to run for a longer time, till the early hours of dawn.

How New Year’s Eve Is Celebrated In Canada?

New Year celebrations in Canada, much like any other country, begin days before the actual event. Parties, fireworks, watching the Northern lights or Aurora Borealis, skiing, riding on snowmobiles and horses through the snow are some of the fun activities people partake in. If you are in the country, like hundreds of others, and wish to know how New Year’s Eve is celebrated in Canada, you can enjoy it in two ways. One is the traditional Canadian New Year celebration which includes being closer to nature through ice fishing and such. On the other hand, is the modern partying method. Be a part of a big NYE bash and enjoy drinks at an open terrace bar and fireworks, or throw a small party yourself filled with your friends and family.

New Year’s Eve In Canada: Best Places To Party

Several New Year bashes around the world are spectacular for various reasons. But if you wish to celebrate New Year’s Eve in Canada, then what are the best places to party? We have listed some of the top, astounding sites, with their pièce de résistance. Take a look:

Place Activities for New Year’s Eve in Canada
Quebec City, Quebec Outdoor bash at Grand Allée; parties at outdoor bars with heated terraces.
Ferris Wheel, zipline, and such adventurous activities.
Traditional music.
Grand party and fireworks at Place de l’Assemblée-Nationale.
Blachford Lake Lodge, Northwest Territories Northern Lights show, spot aurora borealis from a hot tub at the fly-in Blachford Lake Lodge & Wilderness Resort.
Fireworks over Frame Lake.
Canada birthday bash with bands, skating, and multicultural cuisine at Yellowknife.
Tofino, British Columbia Storm-watch on the sandy beaches of Tofino.
Candlelight dinner in The Wickaninnish Inn that overlooks the Pacific Ocean.
Big New Year Bash with fireworks at Vancouver’s official extravaganza (Concord’s New Year’s Eve party).
Whitehorse, Yukon Territory Spot the aurora borealis (Northern Lights).
Ski Cross-country or ride a snow bike in Yukon.
Riding National Park, Manitoba A quiet evening by the fire at a spa resort.
Ride a snowmobile or go for a horse ride through the snow into the winter wonderland.
Dancing, silent auction, dinner, and band at RBC Convention Centre, Winnipeg.
Halifax, Nova Scotia Biggest fireworks show in the country.
Live music
Dinner-Comedy show/Dinner-and-Dance.
Sleigh rides
Near Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Snowshoeing, ice fishing, or snowboarding on the frozen lake.
Ring in New Year from your hot tub.

New Year’s Eve Observances

Year Weekday Date Name Holiday Type
2019 Tue 31 December New Year’s Eve Observance
2020 Thu 31 December New Year’s Eve Observance
2021 Fri 31 December New Year’s Eve Observance
2022 Sat 31 December New Year’s Eve Observance
2023 Sun 31 December New Year’s Eve Observance
2024 Tue 31 December New Year’s Eve Observance
2025 Wed 31 December New Year’s Eve Observance


1. Where should I go for New Year’s Eve in Ontario?

Some fantastic places to visit with the family to celebrate New Year’s Eve in Ontario, Canada include Blue Mountain, Brampton, Niagara Falls, and Toronto.

2. Where can I see the best fireworks on New Year’s Eve in Canada?

Niagara Falls undoubtedly have one of the best and most unique fireworks on New Year’s Eve in Canada, since the show takes place over the falls. Apart from that, Brampton, Downtown Banff, Downtown Vancouver, Ontario, and Halifax also boast of astounding fireworks displays.

3. What are the best places to watch Northern Lights/Aurora Borealis during New Year’s Eve in Canada?

Some beautiful places that you can visit on New Year’s Eve in Canada, to ring in the New Year under the gorgeous Aurora Borealis include: Yukon, Yellowknife, Northern British Columbia, Churchill, Battle Harbour, Northern Saskatchewan, Dawson City, Nunavik, and Iqaluit.

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Quick Facts

This year: Thu, 31 December 2020
Next year: Fri, 31 December 2021
Last year: Tue, 31 December 2019
Type: Observance

New Year’s - Names in Other Languages

English: Happy New Year
Arabic : سنة جديدة سعيدة (sunat jadidat saeida)
Danish: Godt nytår
Dutch: Gelukkig nieuwjaar
French: Bonne année
Irish : Athbhliain faoi mhaise daoibh
Italian Felice anno nuovo
Swahili Heri ya mwaka mpya
Latin New Anno Felix
Yiddish א גוט געבענטשט יאר