Father’s Day 2020 in Canada

Father’s Day 2020 in Canada will fall on 21 June; however, it is not a public holiday in the country.

Let’s talk about Father’s Day from the list of Holidays 2020. If you are unsure of when or how Father’s Day 2020 should be celebrated in Canada, keep reading this article. You will get detailed insights about the celebration, when and why it is commemorated, and all that it entails.

Father’s Day in Canada is a day we dedicate to our dads and father-figures, acknowledging their love and sacrifices for us.

When is Father’s Day in 2020?


June, 2020


Father’s Day	in Canada

Is Father’s Day In Canada A Public Holiday?

Father’s Day in Canada is not a public holiday, but merely an observance as per Holiday 2020. It occurs on the third Sunday of June each year, and businesses, schools, retail stores, etc. follow their usual schedule for the day. This year, the celebration will fall on 21 June 2020.

Father’s Day Holiday History In Canada

The history of Father’s Day in Canada is connected to that of this celebration in the USA. When Anna Jarvis did all she could to name a Mother’s Day in the country, Sonora Smart Dodd of Alaska wished to honour her father the same way. It was first observed in the Spokane YMCA in 1910. Before that, a commemoration of Father’s Day was held in Monongah. It was in honour of all the men and fathers who died in the Monongah Mining Disaster.

Before the 20th century, Father’s Day in Canada was only a religious commemoration brought home by the European settlers. These included the Sunday of the Forefathers (December) from the Orthodox Churches or the feast day of Saint Joseph (March) from Catholic Europe. The modern celebrations owe their origin to Dodd and the passing of the law in 1972. The commemoration had become quite popular around that time in the USA and soon was observed in Canada as well.

Public Life on Father’s Day in Canada

The public life on Father’s Day in Canada is not any different from other countries. Although it is not a designated holiday, it falls on a Sunday, which is a day-off for most of the people. As for those who have to work, they still take out time to spend with their fathers. People often plan father-son or father-daughter activities throughout the day, along with giving them presents, and dinner together. Let us take a look at what events and presents you can gift your papa or father-figure on Father’s Day in Canada:

  • Camping: The country is so close to nature, and filled with gorgeous parks, forests, hills, and mountains to go trekking and camping on Father’s Day in Canada. So pack your gear and connect with nature with your dad.

  • Fishing: If this is something that you and your dad used to enjoy, but rarely have the time, for now, go for it! With the world’s largest proportion of freshwater lakes, the country offers you a plethora of places to choose from. Spend the weekend at a fly-in fishing lodge and try to catch a big one with your dad.

  • Rent an RV and go. Take your siblings and your dad and spend your time frolicking on Father’s Day in Canada. The countryside, the urban areas, your favourite places, maybe somewhere you went when you were kids: Simply choose wherever, or don’t, and go!

  • Golfing: Yes, another cliche! But honestly, doesn’t your father love it? There are so many types of golf and golf courses to choose from, and you can even go someplace exotic within the country to play.

  • Dinner: Obviously, planning a Father’s Day dinner is just as important as the other activities. Go to his favourite restaurant, or schedule a barbeque if you guys are outdoors. Maybe you can even arrange a scrumptious brunch instead, at the lodge you’re staying in.

  • Go Exploring the Local: Go somewhere new and explore. Visit the local bazaars, be a proper tourist and enjoy what they have best to offer, and spend the day scouting and having fun.

Father’s Day Gift

Now that you have the day planned, next comes the Father’s Day gift:

  • Cooling Pint Glasses: All he needs to do is pop them in the freezer for an hour and forget there was ever anything called warm beer.

  • Whiskey Decanter and Glasses Set: A gorgeous set to not only drink from but also add to the looks of his Mini Bar.

  • Monogrammed Genuine Leather Wallet: In which he can carry your pocket money.

  • Shaving Kit: Replenish his shaving kit with some excellent quality products he won’t find at the local store easily.

  • Cookbook: For the Dads who love cooking.

  • Activity Tracker: For the Dads who love sports (or are always promising Mom that they’ll start jogging from ’tomorrow’). Give him an excuse to exercise.

  • Engraved Pocket Knife/Swiss Knife: For the outdoorsy type, to help him next time he goes camping and forgets another essential tool.

  • Building Kit: Give him something to build. Some useful websites offer you a DIY kit ranging from a knife to a birdhouse to beer and wine. Just pick something he would love and get it sent home.

  • Dad Jokes: If your dad also loves embarrassing you with the same old PJs, get him some new PJs to choose from.

  • Whiskey Rocks: No more worries about watering-down his drink. He can cool these rocks and then have a real ’on-the-rocks’ drink.

  • Gift Basket: Get him a BBQ tub, or a wine selection, or even a care package. Simply choose something he loves and gift it to him in a basket.

Father’s Day Observances

Year Weekday Date Name Holiday Type
2019 Sun 16 June Father’s Day Observance
2020 Sun 21 June Father’s Day Observance
2021 Sun 20 June Father’s Day Observance
2022 Sun 19 June Father’s Day Observance
2023 Sun 18 June Father’s Day Observance
2024 Sun 16 June Father’s Day Observance
2025 Sun 15 June Father’s Day Observance


1. Why is Father’s Day different in different countries?

The USA and many other countries celebrate Father’s Day in June as Sonora Dodd wished. However, some places observe it on a different day as per their religious beliefs or other political/cultural/etc. reasons.

2. What is the best gift for Father’s Day in Canada?

Your time, a hug, and a spoken ’I love you’ will be better than any gift that you can buy your dad, this Father’s Day in Canada.

Father’s Day Celebrations In Other Countries

Quick Facts

This year: Sun, 21 June 2020
Next year: Sun, 20 June 2021
Last year: Sun, 16 June 2019
Type: Observance

Father’s Day - Names in Other Languages

English: Father’s Day
Albanian: ditën e babait
Greek: Ημέρα του Πατέρα
Hungarian: apák napját
Urdu: والد کا دن
Hindi: पिता दिवस