Father’s Day 2021

Father’s Day 2021 honors the fathers and father figures worldwide, and recognizes their lifelong contribution in a child’s life. Commonly, this day is observed worldwide in the month of June on its third Sunday. Although Father’s Day date can be different for some countries. Offering Father’s Day wishes to your beloved father makes his day more special along with bringing a smile on his face. This special day commemorates the act of fatherhood and shares the sentiments with other days such as Mother’s Day.

Father’s Day Celebrations

Is Father’s Day A Holiday?

Father’s Day isn’t announced either as a federal or national holiday worldwide including countries such as the USA, Australia, Canada, India, and UK. However, due to its occurrence on the third Sunday in the month of June, this day is considered a holiday. As a result, all the public and government sector companies and offices along with colleges, academic institutions, universities and schools remain closed on this day. On the other hand, shopping malls, eating joints and restaurants are seen fully packed with families coming out to treat their fathers and father figures and celebrate with utter love and passion.

Background History Of Father’s Day

The history of Father’s Day dates back to the early 1500s, when customary celebrations were carried honoring Saint Joseph’s feast day, also known as the "Nourisher of the Lord" and a fatherly figure in Catholicism. Some sources state that the very idea of this day lies in the elements of paganism and pagan sun worship, where the Sun was worshipped as the Father of the Universe. According to one of the most relevant sources, a woman named Sonora Smart Dodd started this tradition of celebrating Father’s Day after seeking inspiration from the American version of Mother’s Day.

Father’s Day Celebrations

Father’s Day date differs according to the country, and is celebrated with great emotions, passion and love across the world. Celebrating the essence of fatherhood, people on this day devote their time towards their fathers as well as father figures. Visiting their fathers and gifting chocolates, flowers, Father’s Day cards and gifts is a common practise. Those who live far away from their fathers give either a voice or video call to their fathers just to bring a smile on their faces. In some families, a big party or get-together is organized where all the friends and relatives of one’s father are called out and delicious meals are shared. Father’s Day celebrations sheds light on the role of fathers in building strong bonds with their children and nurturing them with good beliefs, thoughts and education.

Father’s Day Quotes

Below we are mentioning some of the best and heartfelt Father’s Day quotes you can use to describe your feelings and gratitude towards your father:

  • "I cannot think of any need in childhood as strong as the need for a father’s protection."- Sigmund Freud
  • “To her, the name of father was another name for love.” —Fanny Fern
  • “The greatest mark of a father is how he treats his children when no one is looking.” —Dan Pearce
  • "An almost perfect relationship with his father was the earthly root of all his wisdom." - C.S. Lewis

Best Father’s Day Gifts

Giving the best Father’s Day gifts to the “First Man” of your life can be both heartwarming and emotional. We present to you selective Father’s Day gift ideas you can choose to go ahead with to make your Father’s Day memorable:

  • A Handwritten Letter: What’s better than a handwritten letter for your father that may leave him entirely speechless and tearful! Your father will surely cherish your efforts to make his day special.
  • Portable Griddle: Perfect Father’s Day gift for someone who is passionate about cooking and enjoys preparing fresh meals for his kids, family or friends!
  • Travel Laptop Backpack: If your father travels frequently due to business or work purposes and has to carry loads of bags with him, a Travel Laptop Backpack can come in handy. It is easy to carry, contains all the compartments and pockets and is easy to store.
  • Spa: Nothing’s more relaxing than celebrating Father’s Day with your father at a Spa centre and getting rid of all the stress and tensions.
  • Coffee & Espresso Maker: A Coffee and Espresso maker proves to be one of the best Father’s Day gift ideas. This machine will help with your father’s morning routine as well.
  • Cologne: Look for a good cologne and make your father’s day more special by gifting him a fragrance contained in a beautiful bottle.
  • Sunglasses: Sunglasses are easy to carry and can be the best Father’s Day gift while adding a stylish tint to his personality.

Apart from the Father’s Day gifts mentioned above, you can surely go for something that suits your taste. Giving your father just a bouquet full of flowers, a handmade card or a hug is more than enough for him!

Father’s Day - Names in Other Languages

English Father’s Day
Norwegian: Farsdag
Norwegian (nynorsk): Farsdag
Hindi: पिता के दिन
German: Vatertag
French: Fete Des Peres
Spanish: Día del Padre
Dutch: Vaderdag


1. Is Father’s Day on the same day every year?

Father’s Day is a holiday celebrated annually on the third Sunday of June.

2. Who invented Father’s Day?

Father’s Day was established in 1910 by Sonora Smart Dodd, who was raised in Arkansas, at YMCA in Spokane, Washington.

3. What is the importance of fathers day?

Father’s Day is celebrated worldwide with the intention of recognizing and celebrating the father’s contribution to society.

4. Is Father’s Day a Public Holiday?

Father’s Day is not a public holiday and most businesses follow their regular opening hours.

We hope that you have found the article on Father’s Day quite interesting. Go through the list of Father’s Day gift ideas and see if any suits your preference.