New Year’s Day 2023 in Bermuda

New Year’s Day 2023 in Bermuda happens to be one of the most joyous days of the year. As most of you know, New Year’s in Bermuda is celebrated. It is the next big thing for the people of Bermuda during the holiday season. Like most of the people all across the globe, people of Bermuda also make huge and grand preparations to welcome the New Year, as they follow the Gregorian Calendar. It also makes it to the list of prominent holidays as it is the first major holiday of the year.

Popular for its pink sand beaches and huge Royal Naval Dockyard complex, Bermuda is located near the North Atlantic Ocean and has attracted a lot of attention from past many years for its distinctive culture, beliefs and destinations. New Year in Bermuda is celebrated among the general population as a public holiday, which means general offices, public and private sector offices, schools, universities and colleges remain closed.

New Year’s Day 2023 లో ఎప్పుడు?


జనవరి, 2023


New Year’s Day in Bermuda

Is New Year’s Day a Public Holiday in Bermuda?

New Year’s Day is a public holiday for the general population according to Holidays 2023. This means, offices, colleges, schools, universities, and several other academic institutions remain closed on this day.

New Year Celebrations in Bermuda

New Year’s Day Celebrations in Bermuda are filled with fireworks and fancy parties. There are many restaurants and eateries which host special New Year lunch and dinners and spread joy among people. Even though there are not many local celebrations and beliefs associated with New Year’s Day in Bermuda, the celebrations here are also quite large scale, the usual ones too. After all its New Year and who doesn’t want to get involved in its joyous and wondrous celebrations.

New Year Celebrations in Bermuda are carried out with great fervour and enthusiasm. Even after grand festivities being held one night before, i.e. on New Year’s Eve, people can be still seen maintaining that sense of spirit and celebrating the New Year with a massive smile. Various New Year events are held in different parts of Bermuda, and several locals as well as tourists enjoy the best of their time together.

New Year’s Day Observances

సంవత్సరం వార రోజు తేదీ పేరు సెలవు రకం
2019 మంగళ 1 జనవరి New Year’s Day పబ్లిక్ సెలవు
2020 బుధ 1 జనవరి New Year’s Day పబ్లిక్ సెలవు
2021 శుక్ర 1 జనవరి New Year’s Day పబ్లిక్ సెలవు
2022 శని 1 జనవరి New Year’s Day పబ్లిక్ సెలవు
2023 ఆది 1 జనవరి New Year’s Day పబ్లిక్ సెలవు
2024 సోమ 1 జనవరి New Year’s Day పబ్లిక్ సెలవు
2025 బుధ 1 జనవరి New Year’s Day పబ్లిక్ సెలవు

New Year Celebrations in Other Countries

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