Maghi Purnima 2023 in Bangladesh

Maghi Purnima 2023 in Bangladesh is an observation taken quite seriously. It is not counted amongst the list of major holidays in Bangladesh, but still considered to be a major observance.

Maghi Purnima in Bangladesh arrived during the full month as per the Bengali month, Magh. It is observed to honour the particular day when Gautam Budhha made a statement about his impending death.

When is Maghi Purnima in 2023?


February, 2023


Maghi Purnima in Bangladesh

Is Maghi Purnima a Public Holiday in Bangladesh?

Maghi Purnima is not a public holiday according to Holidays 2023. Most businesses, stores, and shops as well as all schools, universities, and government offices remain open on this day.

Maghi Purnima History

The history associated with Maghi Purnima in Bangladesh states that an earthquake occurred when Lord Buddha announced his impending death. Beliefs also say that just like the earth was shaken when Gautam Budhha was born, a similar thing happened when he attained enlightenment and eventually embraced death.

Maghi Purnima in Bangladesh is quite an important day for the Buddhist population of this country. Religious ceremonies are organised and it comprises most of the celebrations of the day. Many fairs also take place in the areas which have a majority of Buddhist population like Chittagong and many others. The fair of Buda Gonsai of Patiya, Buddha mela of Lathichari village of Raozan are some of the most popular ones.

Maghi Purnima Observances

Year Weekday Date Name Holiday Type
2019 Tue 19 February Maghi Purnima Observance
2020 Sat 8 February Maghi Purnima Observance
2021 Sat 27 February Maghi Purnima Observance
2022 Sun 6 February Maghi Purnima Observance
2023 Sun 5 February Maghi Purnima Observance
2024 Sat 24 February Maghi Purnima Observance
2025 Wed 12 February Maghi Purnima Observance

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Quick Facts

This year: Sun, 5 February 2023
Next year: Sat, 24 February 2024
Last year: Sun, 6 February 2022
Type: Observance