New Year’s Eve 2021 In Australia

New Year’s Eve in Australia 2021 is celebrated on दिसंबर 31, शुक्रवार night by masses across the country, and observed as a part-holiday in several states of Australia.

Many Australians celebrate New Year’s Eve by attending Church services, remembering New Year’s Eve history, partying with their friends, organizing get-togethers with their families and loved ones and much more. Let’s go ahead and know how this occasion, said to be one of the popular Holidays 2021, is celebrated across the nation.

2021 में New Year’s Eve कब है?


दिसंबर, 2021


New Year’s Eve	in Australia

Is New Year’s Eve A Public Holiday in Australia?

New Year’s Eve is not observed as a public holiday among Australian citizens. Since it falls one night before the New Year’s Day, it can be considered a part-holiday in several parts of the country. Hence, on this occasion, several schools, universities and colleges remain closed, and several private and public offices may operate on a restricted basis.

However during this period, retail stores, restaurants, pubs, bars and public places remain open till late at night. People dine with their families and loved ones, organize themed parties and purchase gifts. This occasion is also observed as a bank holiday in South Australia and Northern Territory.

History of New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve history holds great importance for devout followers. This day marks the last day of the existing year and beginning of the New Year. According to the Gregorian Calendar, the New Year’s Eve falls on the last day of the last month of a year, i.e. 31 December every year. This calendar was first introduced by European settlers in Australia, after which it was used in mainstream divisions in order to keep up with worldly affairs.

However, not every cultural sect residing in Australia follows the Gregorian Calendar. Since several other ethnicities such as Hindu, Chinese, Jewish, Islamic etc. also reside in the country, they follow their own calendars and celebrate New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day accordingly.

New Year’s Eve Celebrations in Australia

Several Australian cities host special New Year’s Eve events, parades, processions and much more for people to enjoy the night and throw away regrets and sadness away. Numerous celebrities can be seen either attending or hosting these parties. Theme-based New Year’s Eve balls are very famous in Australia, and are organized with great excitement and passion. From masquerade, gangster to formal wear, tropical dress-up and much more, such theme-based balls and parties light up the whole country and allow people to mingle and make new friends.

Making New Year Resolutions is one of the main things people do on this occasion. They promise to give away any bad energy and aim to achieve any personal or professional goal in the upcoming New Year. People can be seen hosting parties at the beaches and boat cruises, wearing beach and tropical dresses, grilling and barbequing meats. Major cities carry out “Public Countdown” on this occasion before midnight, which is usually televised across cities.

People who are religious visit the churches and offer their prayers. They light candles and wish for a better New Year ahead. On New Year’s Eve, you can see people enjoying the sight of fireworks, setting up barbeque parties, and offering toasts for a prosperous year ahead.

Best Places To Spend New Year’s Eve In Australia

  • Sydney, NSW

One of the most famous places to visit on New Year’s Eve in Australia is Sydney, New South Wales. Sydney’s New Year’s Eve Fireworks is said to be one of the greatest sights to be witnessed on this occasion. This event symbolizes the true vibe of this occasion, and frames a spectacular moment.

  • Lord Howe Island, NSW

Lord Howe Island is a well-known island listed as a World Heritage, and considered to be one of the best locations to enjoy a peaceful New Year’s Eve with your loved ones or partner. Being there gives you an edge of being one of the few to witness the New Year’s Sun before everyone else.

  • Hobart, Tasmania

Hobart hosts the very famous The Taste of Tasmania festival, which brings life into the city with its vibrant shopping stalls, delicious aroma capturing the hearts of people and many others. People can sample some of the best wines, beers and cuisines on the New Year’s Eve.

  • Melbourne, Victoria

Melbourne’s fireworks are spectacular to watch, and emit a sense of happiness and freedom. One of the best ways to witness it is by either lending a private boat from the Yarra River or reserving a table at the waterfront restaurant located in St Kilda or Docklands, Southbank.

  • Coolangatta and Tweed Heads

Celebrate New Year twice with your friends and family by heading towards Coolangatta and Tweed Heads. Since the former is in Queensland and the latter is in New South Wales, you can just walk across the border and be at two places on the same night of New Year’s Eve! Amazing, right!

New Year’s Eve Observances

साल सप्ताह के दिन दिनांक नाम छुट्टी का प्रकार
2019 मंगल 31 दिसंबर New Year’s Eve पार्ट डे हॉलिडे, पर्व
2020 गुरु 31 दिसंबर New Year’s Eve पार्ट डे हॉलिडे, पर्व
2021 शुक्र 31 दिसंबर New Year’s Eve पार्ट डे हॉलिडे, पर्व
2022 शनि 31 दिसंबर New Year’s Eve पार्ट डे हॉलिडे, पर्व
2023 रवि 31 दिसंबर New Year’s Eve पार्ट डे हॉलिडे, पर्व
2024 मंगल 31 दिसंबर New Year’s Eve पार्ट डे हॉलिडे, पर्व
2025 बुध 31 दिसंबर New Year’s Eve पार्ट डे हॉलिडे, पर्व


1. What do Australians do on New Year’s Eve?

Australians witness the grand fireworks on the New Year’s Eve, party on boat cruises, beaches etc. Barbecues and house parties are commonly hosted on this eventful day.

2. What do Australians eat for New Year’s Eve?

Australians love barbecue parties and get-togethers, which is why steak, sausages and lamb are eaten and refreshing drinks are consumed since the weather remains hot.

3. Where should I go for New Year’s Eve in Australia?

We have comprised a list of places you can go on New Year’s Eve if you are in Australia. You can check them out and have a great time.

4. Do banks remain closed on New Year’s Eve in Australia?

New Year’s Eve is observed as a bank holiday in South Australia and Northern Territory.

New Year’s Eve Celebrations in Other Countries

From the above information, it is evident that New Year’s Eve 2021 in Australia is celebrated on दिसंबर 31, शुक्रवार with great excitement, grandeur and fervour. We hope you have liked this article on New Year’s Eve in Australia. Thank you for being an important part of AstroSage.

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New Year’s Eve - Names in Other Languages

English: New Year’s Eve
German: Silvester
Dutch: Oudjaarsavond
French: Réveillon de Nouvel an
Spanish: Víspera de Año Nuevo