Valentine’s Day 2024 in Albania

Valentine’s Day 2024 in Albania is a perfect occasion for lovers and partners to show their feelings and express their emotions. This day is celebrated with great passion, love and consideration. Couples plan a good evening together and surprise each other with gifts.

When is Valentine’s Day in 2024?


February, 2024


Is Valentine’s Day a Public Holiday in Albania?

Valentine’s Day is not a public holiday according to Holidays 2024. Most businesses, stores, and shops as well as all schools, universities, and government offices remain open on this day.

Places To Visit In Albania On Valentine’s Day

Here is a quick list of places you can visit on Valentine’s Day in Albania:

  • Pogradec: Go for a quiet, peaceful walk on the shores of the lakes, book a boat ride and read through some of the romantic Albanian verses.

  • Antigonea: The ancient city of Antigonea serves as an attestation to one of the greatest love stories of all time. This city was founded by the Greek King Pyrrhus of Epirus, who posthumously honoured his wife Antigone of Epirus by naming the colony after her. Enjoy the beautiful landscapes, antique atmosphere and gorgeous buildings and flats.

  • Maligrad Island: This can serve as a perfect place for you to take your Valentine and spend beautiful moments. This place is fairly isolated, which allows you both to have your own personal space. One of the main highlights at this place is St. Mary’s Church, which shouldn’t be missed.

  • Korça: Also known as “Little Paris”, Korça is known to be one of the top-most and popular destinations for couples on Valentine’s Day. The atmosphere remains warm, restaurants are filled with people bubbling down with their beloveds, and you can smell love in the air.

  • The Blue Eye: The Blue Eye serves as one of the most romantic and special places for couples to visit on the day of Valentine’s Day. watch the sunset with your loved one and walk together while holding hands and enjoying calming sounds of the water rushing through the water spring.

Valentine’s Day Observances

Year Weekday Date Name Holiday Type
2019 Thu 14 February Valentine’s Day Observance
2020 Fri 14 February Valentine’s Day Observance
2021 Sun 14 February Valentine’s Day Observance
2022 Mon 14 February Valentine’s Day Observance
2023 Tue 14 February Valentine’s Day Observance
2024 Wed 14 February Valentine’s Day Observance
2025 Fri 14 February Valentine’s Day Observance

Valentine’s Day Celebrations In Other Countries

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Quick Facts

This year: Wed, 14 February 2024
Next year: Fri, 14 February 2025
Last year: Tue, 14 February 2023
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