Ashura 2024 in Afghanistan

Ashura 2024 in Afghanistan is considered a public holiday with several ethnic communities actively participating in its observance. This is the tenth day falling in the month of Muharram as per the Islamic Calendar and known to be a day of remembrance and mourning for some Muslims since this day commemorates the Battle of Karbala where the grandson of Prophet Mohammed, Husayn ibn Ali, and his supporters was martyred.

2024 এ Ashura কখন?


জুলাই, 2024


Ashura in Afghanistan

Is Ashura a Public Holiday in Afghanistan?

Ashura is a public holiday for the general population according to Holidays 2024. This means, offices, colleges, schools, universities, and several other academic institutions remain closed on this day.

Ashura Observances in Afghanistan

Ashura or Yawm Ashura falls on the 10 Muharram as per the Islamic Calendar. Sunni Muslims consider this as a non-obligatory day of fasting, whereas Shia Muslims observe Ashura as the day of mourning. Special prayer meets are organized in several religious establishments, and public processions are carried out. For Shia Muslims, carrying out any joyous activity is forbidden. People pray and seek salvation and riddance from their bad deeds.

Ashura Observances

বছর সপ্তাহের দিন দিনাঙ্ক নাম ছুটির প্রকার
2019 Tue 10 সেপ্টেম্বর Ashura সরকারী ছুটি
2020 Sat 29 অগাস্ট Ashura সরকারী ছুটি
2021 Thu 19 অগাস্ট Ashura সরকারী ছুটি
2022 Mon 8 অগাস্ট Ashura সরকারী ছুটি
2023 Fri 28 জুলাই Ashura সরকারী ছুটি
2024 Wed 17 জুলাই Ashura সরকারী ছুটি
2025 Sun 6 জুলাই Ashura সরকারী ছুটি

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