Mother’s Day 2020 in the United States

Mother’s Day celebrations in the US fall on the second Sunday of May, and will occur on 10 मे in 2020 according to Holidays 2020 List. This is a day about honouring motherhood and the influence of mothers on one’s personal life as well as society. Our mothers are our first teachers, the key person responsible for shaping our future. Anna Jarvis brought about the concept of Mother’s Day in the US, to honour her mother, Ann Reeves Jarvis. Ann was a peace activist who took care of soldiers on both sides of the American Civil War. Anna Jarvis maintained that Mother’s Day should always be spelt as singular because this day is about honouring our mother, not the collective mothers of the world. This day should be about expressing our love for our mom, dedicating our entire time for her.

2020 मध्ये Mother’s Day कधी आहे?


मे, 2020


Mother’s Day in United States

Is Mother’s Day In The US A Public Holiday?

Mother’s Day is an official public holiday in the United States according to Holidays 2020. Most offices and all schools remain closed on this day, however some businesses, shops, and stores open as usual.

Mother’s Day History In The US: Who Came Up With It?

Although Anna Jarvis is considered responsible for bringing Mother’s Day in the US, there were other people too, who came forward with the same idea but with different reasons. Let us delve into the Mother’s Day history to recognize these people:

Julia Ward Howe

Julia brought forward the concept of Mother’s Peace Day. On this day, mothers around the globe would work towards World Peace and global unity. Ward Howe held celebrations for the same every year in Boston, beginning from 2 June 1872. She kept this day as the official Mother’s Day date in the state. However, the commemoration fizzled out after her death 10 years later.

Frank Hering

Frank Hering, former professor and football coach at the University of Notre Dame, also proposed a day dedicated to honouring and celebrating our mothers in 1904. Although he did not name a specific Mother’s day date for this commemoration, he did offer Sunday as his preference. Many in that area still honour him as the original founders of Mother’s Day in the US.

President Franklin Roosevelt

President Roosevelt also did his part in dedicating a day to Mothers by including a stamp in their honour. This stamp featured the famous “Whistler’s Mother” portrait by 19th-century painter James Abbott McNeill Whistler of his mother, Anna McNeill Whistler. Also, it had words written around the picture, saying, “In Memory And In Honor Of The Mothers Of America.”

How Do Americans Celebrate Mother’s Day?

Mother’s Day in the US is celebrated differently in each household. There are no set of traditions associated with the day. However, certain things remain the same in most homes. Children would often take over the chores from their mother for this day, and they would try to bring her Breakfast-in-Bed along with her favourite flowers or carnations. Mother’s Day gifts and spending time with your mom is the norm on this day. Family dinners are another significant way of celebrating Mother’s Day in the US.


Carnations are the official Mother’s Day flowers in the US, decided so by Anna Jarvis for they were her mother’s favourite flowers. However, with the commercialization of the holiday, it has now become pink carnations. This change was brought about by business owners due to a lack of white carnations in the shops. During the Mother’s Day celebrations in the US, people would often include a carnation while bringing Breakfast-in-Bed for their mother. Those who live far from home prefer sending bouquets of Mother’s Day flowers, pink carnations to their mom to let her know that she is in their hearts and thoughts, despite the distance.

Commercialization of Mother’s Day in the US

Mother’s Day in the US was brought by Anna Jarvis as a way of honouring one’s mother, her sacrifice, and dedication which was vital in shaping our present and future. This day is about motherhood and the influence of moms on our personal life and society. Our mother is our first teacher, and she is the one who initiates us into this world and begins her teachings long before we were even born. However, with time, the day has become commercialized and is now mockingly known as a Hallmark Holiday. This day has become all about readymade cards companies like Hallmark Cards and profits for them through the sale of Mother’s Day gifts and cards. Anna Jarvis became resentful of this and even organized protests against such commodified Mother’s Day celebrations.

Mother’s Day Observances

वर्ष सप्ताहातील दिवस दिनांक नाव सुट्टीचे प्रकार
2019 रवि 12 मे Mother’s Day पर्व
2020 रवि 10 मे Mother’s Day पर्व
2021 रवि 9 मे Mother’s Day पर्व
2022 रवि 8 मे Mother’s Day पर्व
2023 रवि 14 मे Mother’s Day पर्व
2024 रवि 12 मे Mother’s Day पर्व
2025 रवि 11 मे Mother’s Day पर्व


1. Who invented Mother’s Day?

Anna Jarvis brought about the concept of Mother’s Day in the US, to honour her mother, Ann Reeves Jarvis.

2. Is Mother’s Day biblical?

The Bible doesn’t legitimately address the occasion of a Mother’s Day in its stanzas, yet regularly addresses the festival of motherhood and moms

3. Why is it called Mothering Sunday?

Mothering Sunday is the fourth Sunday of Lent. Customarily, it was a day when youngsters, primarily girls, who had gone to fill in as residential workers were given a free day to visit their mom and family.

4. Why is Mother’s Day different in the US?

Mother’s Day in the US is celebrated differently in each household. There are no set of traditions associated with the day.

5. Why are UK and US Mother’s Day different?

Mother’s Day falls on various days relying upon the nations where it is commended. It is held on the second Sunday of May in other countries, for example, Australia, Canada and the US. It is held precisely three weeks before Easter Sunday in the UK.

Mother’s Day Celebrations in Other Countries

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Mother’s Day In Other Languages

Arabic: Eed omm sa-eed
Chinese Mandarin: 母亲节快乐 (traditional: 母親節快樂) Mǔqīnjié kuàilè
French: (La) Fête des mères ("Day of Mothers")
German: Alles Gute/Liebe zum Muttertag!
Hindi: मातृ दिवस (Matri Divas)
Italian: (La) Buona Festa della mamma
Japanese: 母の日 (Haha-no Hi omedetō)
Korean: Eomeoni-nal or Ŏmŏni-nal
Spanish: Día de la Madre