Mother-in-Law Day 2023 in the United States

Mother-in-Law Day 2023 In the US falls on the fourth Sunday in the month of October, i.e. [22 October, Sunday], and honors the presence of mothers-in-law in the lives of married natives and the feeling of motherhood shared by them on her children. One of the most special and unique bonds shared by people who are married is with their mothers-in-law. She is the one who has raised their significant other with immense love and affection. Several people who get married initiate to establish a loving bond with their mothers-in-law by getting to know her for her likes and dislikes and other factors.

If you are super close or starting to know your mother-in-law, it’s hard to appreciate her efforts or presence in your life. Commonly called the ’Second Mother’ in the life of married people, mothers-in-law leave no stones unturned to make the partners of their daughters or sons feel special. Therefore, let us know more about Mother-in-Law Day, trace back its historical significance, and read about celebrating one of the most loving and heartfelt holidays 2023.

When is Mother-in-Law Day in 2023?


October, 2023


Mother-in-Law Day

Is Mother-In-Law Day In The US A Public Holiday?

Mother-In-Law Day in the US is not a public holiday. Therefore, all the offices, public dealing departments and sectors, shopping malls, gift stores, schools, universities, colleges and other academic institutions remain open. It is based on the choice of employees to take either the full day or half-day off to commemorate this day.

Mother-In-Law Day History

Having a wonderful mother-in-law who takes your side during an argument or supports you in your endeavours is a matter of sheer luck. Apart from your biological mother, your mother-in-law (if you are married) represents motherhood in a whole new light. Modelled on the occasion of Mother’s Day, celebrations for Mother-in-Law’s Day were first carried out in Amarillo, Texas on March 5, 1934. This was an initiative taken by the editor and publisher of the newspaper column "Tactless Texan" named Gene Howe.

As per the records, he had misbehaved with Nellie Donald, his mother-in-law, and as his way of apologizing humbly and with due respect, he announced the Mother-In-Law Day celebrations to be carried out on March 5, 1934 along with the Amarillo Fat Stock Show celebration. It was then that this day came into prominence. The first celebration and observation for Mother-In-Law Day were carried out on January 23, 2002. However, it is not as prominently observed as other days, but yet people do pay a visit to their mothers-in-law and enjoy a day full of laughter and loving memories.

Mother-In-Law Day Celebrations

One of the most simple ways to kickstart the Mother-In-Law Day Celebrations is by giving her a call and wishing the best for the day. Tell her how much you appreciate her for being by your side and helping you at every step of the way. Just like your own mother, your mother-in-law is the other face of the same coin. With such a wonderful woman by your side, she deserves every kind of pampering and love from you. Take her on a relaxing spa day or out on a short trip, which can help her relax and give her a break from her regular routine. Mother-In-Law Day is a special occasion which honours their lifelong efforts carried out on the fourth Sunday in the month of October. Mother-In-Law Day Celebrations include lunch or dinner meals, sweet flowers and special gifts, preparing something special and DIY to show your appreciation and love for her such as a breakfast meal, letter or card, or taking her out on a shopping spree. Your “Mom-In-Law” can be your best friend when it comes to dealing with your spouse. Hence, this day can be said to be the perfect opportunity for you to deepen the bond and become closer to your Second Mom.

Ways to Impress Your Mother-In-Law on Mother-In-Law Day

On the occasion of Mother-In-Law Day, here are some tips you can put to use to impress you Mom-In-Law and earn her trust, love and respect:

  • Treat her child and your fiancé lovingly and with respect.
  • Do not adorn a sloppy attire whenever coming to meet your Mother-In-Law. Dress up nicely to make an impression on her.
  • Be a good listener with her, and listen to what she has to say. Take interest in her hobbies and participate in the activities she likes to perform.
  • Do not shy away from putting your mind or views in front of her. But remember not to offend her in any way.
  • Talk politely and be courteous to her and other people whenever out with her.
  • You can make her feel special by cooking your special recipe and making her day ten times special.
  • Invite your mother-in-law on a trip or outing with your own one. This will help both of them come closer as well.
  • Seek her advice on relationships and try to look at the situation from her perspective.

Mother-In-Law Day Wishes

  • ’Thank You For All Of Your Love, Laughs, And Support Throughout The Years! Happy Mother-in-law’s Day!’
  • ’You’re More Than Just My Mother-in-law, You’re My Mother-in-love!’
  • ’Thank You For Raising The Man/Woman Of My Dreams! Happy Mother-in-law’s Day!’
  • ’You Know What They Say About In-laws - Well They Are So Wrong! Thank You For Being Such A Wonderful Part Of My Life!’
  • ’A Mother-in-law Doubles The Joy Of Having A Mother!’
  • ’Thank You For Being A Second Mother To Me! Happy Mother-in-law’s Day!’
  • ’A Mother Gives You A Life, A Mother-in-law Gives You Her Life. Happy Mother-in-law’s Day!’

Mother-in-Law Day Observances

Year Weekday Date Name Holiday Type
2019 Sun 27 October Mother-in-Law Day Optional Holiday
2020 Sun 25 October Mother-in-Law Day Optional Holiday
2021 Sun 24 October Mother-in-Law Day Optional Holiday
2022 Sun 23 October Mother-in-Law Day Optional Holiday
2023 Sun 22 October Mother-in-Law Day Optional Holiday
2024 Sun 27 October Mother-in-Law Day Optional Holiday
2025 Sun 26 October Mother-in-Law Day Optional Holiday


1. Who initiated Mother-In-Law Day?

Gene Howe, a resident of Amarillo, Texas and editor of the newspaper "Tactless Texan" first initiated by announcing the Mother-In-Law Day on March 5, 1934.

2. Is Mother-In-Law Day biblical?

No, Mother-In-Law Day is not biblical.

3. What should I write to my Mother-In-Law?

You should pen down your true feelings for her and reveal how you feel for her on this festive occasion of Mother-In-Law Day.

4. Like Mother-In-Law Day, is there a Father-In-Law day?

Father-In-Law Day is celebrated on July 30th annually.

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Quick Facts

This year: Sun, 22 October 2023
Next year: Sun, 27 October 2024
Last year: Sun, 23 October 2022
Type: Optional Holiday

Mother-In-Law Day - Names in Other Languages

English: Mother-in-Law Day
French: Fête de la belle-mère
Korean: sieomeoniui nal / 시어머니의 날
Spanish: Día de la suegra