Columbus Day 2019 in the United States

Columbus Day 2019 which is on the Second Monday of October, commemorated the day when Christopher Columbus landed in America on October 12, 1492. The Italian navigator had set sail across the Atlantic Ocean in search of a new path to Asia. However, he stopped when he reached the New World.

Columbus was mistaken that they had reached the edges of Asia. He soon discovered that they were wrong and had instead arrived in the Americas. Thus, Columbus Day in the US is dedicated to honoring Christopher Columbus and his Spanish-based fleet for ‘discovering’ America. Despite that, this is also a controversial holiday because many people believe that Columbus’ arrival was directly or indirectly responsible for the deaths of the countless natives who were killed by the European settlers. Let us take a glance at the celebrations for Columbus Day in the US and all that it entails.

When is Columbus Day in 2019?


October, 2019


Columbus Day	in United States

Is Columbus Day In The US A Public Holiday?

Columbus Day in the US is a public holiday in many parts of the country. Most businesses, stores, and shops, as well as schools and universities, remain closed on this day. Public Transportations also do not follow their usual route in these states.

Why Does The US Celebrate Columbus Day?

Columbus Day in the US honors Christopher Columbus, who led a Spanish-based transatlantic maritime expedition in search of an alternative route to India via the Atlantic Ocean. In his foray across the waters, he reached the Americas first. He anchored down there, mistaken that they had reached the edges of Asia. His “discovery” of the New World opened routes for trade between the countries as well as gave way to European settlers.

Controversies Surrounding Columbus Day In The US

Although Christopher Columbus is credited for ‘discovering’ the Americas, however, many people also blame his arrival for the deaths of uncountable natives. As the European settlers arrived, they killed hundreds of the native Americans and indigenous tribes. As a result, opposition against the holiday as well as monuments of Columbus has been intense for as long as the 19th century.

Most Native Americans, as well as the left-wing political parties, have actively advocated against these celebrations. They have claimed that Columbus and the settlers do not deserve to be acknowledged, for they are the reason behind one of the biggest genocides of American Indians. In its stead, they believe in celebrating “International Day of Solidarity with Indigenous People” on this day.

Columbus Day Observances

Year Weekday Date Name Holiday Type
2019 Mon 14 October Columbus Day Federal Holiday
2020 Mon 12 October Columbus Day Federal Holiday
2021 Mon 11 October Columbus Day Federal Holiday
2022 Mon 10 October Columbus Day Federal Holiday
2023 Mon 9 October Columbus Day Federal Holiday
2024 Mon 14 October Columbus Day Federal Holiday
2025 Mon 13 October Columbus Day Federal Holiday


1. Is Columbus Day still called Columbus Day?

Two years later, Berkeley, California, was the first town to formally jettison the name of Columbus Day; the new moniker was Indigenous People’s Day.

2. Is Columbus Day a paid holiday?

According to Pew Research Centre, only 21 states give workers Columbus Day off as a paid holiday.

3. What states observe Columbus Day?

The states of Florida, Vermont, Alaska, South Dakota, Hawaii, New Mexico, Maine, Wisconsin, and parts of California.

4. Who found America first before Columbus?

Leif Erikson was the first known European to have set foot on continental North America before Christopher Columbus.

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Quick Facts

This year: Mon, 14 October 2019
Next year: Mon, 12 October 2020
Type: Federal Holiday

Columbus Day - Names in Other Languages

English: Columbus Day
Spanish: Día de la Raza
Norwegian: Columbus-dagen
Korean: 콜럼버스의 날
Hebrew: יום קולומבוס
German: Kolumbus-Tag
Arabic: يوم كولومبوس