Ramadan Start 2025 in United Arab Emirates

Ramadan Start 2025 in United Arab Emirates is one of the prominent ones in the list of holidays 2025and it marks the beginning of a holy month as per the Islamic traditions and conventions. For Muslims all around the world and UAE, the month of Ramadan is a holy and pious month. The foundation of Islam has four strong principles and Ramadan is one of them. All throughout this holy month, people are expected to abstain from eating, drinking and merrymaking from day until dawn. Let us now move onto find more details about how Ramadan starts 2025 in UAE.

2025 में Ramadan Start कब है?


फरवरी, 2025


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Is Ramadan Start a Public Holiday in UAE?

Ramadan start is not given the status of a public holiday in UAE. All the major private and public institutions remain open on this day and maintain their regular working hours. With regards to the celebration and observation of this day, the UAE adheres to an official announcement concerning the very first day of Ramadan, which comes from a moon-sighting committee situated in Makkah, Saudi Arabia.

Ramadan Starts History in United Arab Emirates

As per history, Ramadan starts in the United Arab Emirates and people begin to follow this holy month very honestly with a pure heart and mind. As it has been mentioned, this time period is when Muslims all across the globe devote their time to praying, fasting, making charity, and other holy works. The last third part of Ramadan is particularly mentioned as a holy period, as it commemorates as it marks the time when Quran’s very first verses were revealed to the great Prophet Muhammad (it can be either written Mohammad or Muhammed).

What do People Do on Ramadan Start?

Ramadan Start in the UAE and people eagerly keep waiting for this month to take care of several things and organise many events. Let us now move on to find out what are different activities which are carried out when Ramadan starts in UAE.

1. Ramadan starts in the UAE(almost) during mid-Shaban only ( mid-Shaban is the month which precedes Ramadan). The particular day on which this happens is also known as Hag- Al-Layla.

2. When Ramadan starts in the UAE, Emirati children are seen all dressed up in their best clothes. They follow traditions and visit some neighbouring areas and the houses and also recite songs and poems for the old folks. The neighbours joyously welcome them and give them sweets in return.

3. Now, the sweets and nuts are collected by the little children in traditional cloth bags. When the first night of Ramadan occurs, the entire family organises a get together at the eldest male of the house. This usually takes place at the grandfather’s place where people gather for their first Iftar (meal which is consumed to break the fast)

4. In the UAE dates are named as the ’bread of the desert’ and their importance rises to a great extent during Ramadan too. Gars is a bread-like crumble along with cardamom and dates, is a popular Ramadan Emirati delicacy. Some of the other common dishes are Harees and Threed. Food thus remains one of the primary attractions of Ramadan in UAE even though it is a festival associated with fasting and penance.

5. Additionally, one can also experience exquisite Emirati hospitality and fantastic Emirati traditions all throughout this month as Iftars get hosted all over UAE and folks belonging to different nationalities join hands together to share the spirit of Ramadan.

6. Last but not the least a bunch of Ramadan-related are also commemorated when Ramadan starts in UAE. Many events take place across the country during the month and the retail sector sees brisk business.

7. We also have to mention that Ramadan starts in UAE and folks witness a bunch of educational and cultural activities getting hosted which is supposed to educate the general public on the what abouts of Ramadan is all and how one should conduct during this holy month.

8. Annual Holy Quran recital competitions are also held for students and adults and the winners are offered cash prizes and more when Ramadan starts in UAE.

Also, when Ramadan starts in UAE, many interesting events and celebrations are hosted to celebrate the spirit of charity and family union and togetherness during Ramadan. Let us look at some of the festivals now which take place when Ramadan starts in UAE.

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Ramadan Start Observances

साल सप्ताह के दिन दिनांक नाम छुट्टी का प्रकार
2019 सोम 6 मई Ramadan Start पर्व
2020 शुक्र 24 अप्रैल Ramadan Start पर्व
2021 मंगल 13 अप्रैल Ramadan Start पर्व
2022 शनि 2 अप्रैल Ramadan Start पर्व
2023 बुध 22 मार्च Ramadan Start पर्व
2024 रवि 10 मार्च Ramadan Start पर्व
2025 शुक्र 28 फरवरी Ramadan Start पर्व


1. Is Ramadan a declared holiday in UAE ?

Ramadan is not a declared as well as a public holiday in UAE.

2. Is it inauspicious to eat during Ramadan?

Yes, one can only eat before and after dawn during Ramadan period. From dusk to dawn is a forbidden time to eat.

3. Is it mandatory for everyone to fast during Ramadan?

People with pre existing medical conditions and in some special cases, fasting is not required during Ramadan. Other than this, everyone should fast during Ramadan.

We hope that you will appreciate this write up of ours on Ramadan Start 2025 in United Arab Emirates. Wish you a very happy and prosperous Ramadan!!

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Ramadan Start - Names in Other Languages

English: Ramadan Start
German: Ramadan beginnt
Norwegian: Ramadan starter