Hajj Season Begins 2021 in United Arab Emirates

Hajj Season Begins 2021 in the United Arab Emirates - This can be regarded as one of the most pious occasions for the believers and followers of Islam. This day is also popular as “Arafat day in UAE”. If we take the Muslim terminology into account, then it marks the beginning of the holy pilgrimage when the Muslim folks leave for the town of Mecca, situated in Saudi Arab.

Hajj Season Begins in UAE, this also welcomes an aura of holidays in UAE. One of the five institutional pillars of Islam happens to be the journey of Hajj. Almost each and every person makes a journey to this holy land, at least once or twice in his/her lifetime. Let us now see the status and other associated details about Hajj Season Beginning 2021 in UAE.

Hajj Season Begins/Arafat Day 2021 లో ఎప్పుడు?


జూ, 2021


Hajj Celebrations

Is Arafat Day in UAE a Public Holiday?

Arafat Day in UAE or the beginning of Hajj Season in UAE is a public holiday. All the schools and colleges of UAE remain shut on this day, considering the fact that this one in the list of holidays marks the beginning of such an important religious event.

Arafat day in United Arab Emirates begins during the last month of the Islamic calendar known as Dhū al-Ḥijjah. The seventh day of Dhū al-Ḥijjah is when Hajj Season gets initiated in UAE and all around the world.

Which will supposedly be a national holiday in the list of holidays 2021 in UAE.

History of Hajj Season Begins

As per the history of Hajj Season which begins in UAE, it is known to all that the rite of Hajj serves as a unifying force as per the conventions of Islam. Muslim people of diverse cultural backgrounds come together for this holy pilgrimage and hope to attain peace, salvation and prosperity.

Every capable adult Muslim goes through this journey once in a lifetime, as the pilgrimage jounery is also stated to wipe out sins from a person’s life. Any person who is capable of undertaking this journey without bearing any burden on his family members is most welcome to participate in it. It is believed that the rites of this pilgrimage were introduced by Prophet Mohammed and with time now, many alterations can be seen made to the initial rites and rituals.

How Hajj Season Procedures Take Place in UAE?

The development and implementation of the necessary control mechanisms for the smooth ongoing and authorization of all Hajj related works are monitored by The General Authority of Islamic Affairs and Endowments (GAIAE) and also the Official Hajj Delegation of the United Arab Emirates. They also look into other and important pilgrim affairs. Below mentioned are the procedures which should be followed by pilgrims before undertaking the pilgrimage journey from UAE.

  • An authorized campaign should be selected.
  • A contract should be signed with the Hajj Campaign which has been selected.
  • Necessary documents and papers should be handy.
  • All the prescribed vaccinations should be taken.
  • Lastly, one should not forget to recover the Hajj Permit from the campaign.

Hajj Season Begins/Arafat Day Observances

సంవత్సరం వార రోజు తేదీ పేరు సెలవు రకం
2019 శని 3 ఆగస్టు Hajj Season Begins/Arafat Day ఆచారము
2020 బుధ 22 జూ Hajj Season Begins/Arafat Day ఆచారము
2021 ఆది 11 జూ Hajj Season Begins/Arafat Day ఆచారము
2022 శుక్ర 8 జూ Hajj Season Begins/Arafat Day ఆచారము
2023 మంగళ 27 జూన్ Hajj Season Begins/Arafat Day ఆచారము
2024 శని 15 జూన్ Hajj Season Begins/Arafat Day ఆచారము
2025 గురు 5 జూన్ Hajj Season Begins/Arafat Day ఆచారము


1. How much will it cost a person to take the Hajj journey from UAE?

The cost of Hajj packages range between Dh 35, 000 to 50,000.

2. What exactly is this Hajj Season?

The annual religious pilgrimage taken by the followers of Islam to lead a happy and blissful life.

3. Is there any direct route from Dubai to Mecca?

No, there is no direct route from Dubai to Mecca. Pilgrims have to go through multiple stops.

We hope that you will appreciate this write up of ours on Hajj Season 2021 Begins in the United Arab Emirates. Thankyou for connecting with us. Wish you a happy and prosperous pilgrimage journey!!

శీఘ్ర వాస్తవములు

ఈ సంవత్సరం ఆది, 11 జూ 2021
రాబోయే సంవత్సరం శుక్ర, 8 జూ 2022
క్రితం సంవత్సరం బుధ, 22 జూ 2020
ప్రకారం : Observance

Arafat Day - Names in Other Languages

English: Arafat (Hajj) Day
Arabic: يوم عرفة
German: Arafat (Haddsch)
Norwegian: Nasjonaldag-fridag (off. sektor)