Commemoration Day 2021 in United Arab Emirates

Commemoration Day 2021 in United Arab Emirates is annually celebrated on 30 November and one of the most prominent occurrences in the list of holidays 2021. It happens to be a very prominent and marked national holiday obtaining a special status from the UAE government.

Commemoration Day is observed in memoriam of those fallen soldiers who gave up their lives while being in line of duty. Hence the loyalty and sacrifices made by the soldiers are acknowledged, both by the government as well as its people who take part in various events on the day of Martyrs Day 2021 in UAE.

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When is Commemoration Day in 2021?


November, 2021


Commemoration Day	in United Arab Emirates

Is Commemoration Day in UAE a Public Holiday?

Yes, Commemoration Day 2021 in UAE is a public holiday. This particular holiday occurs just two days before the two day long UAE National Day holidays. Hence, it is quite likely that UAE folks can avail some extra holidays when the dates coincide with a weekend.

Commemoration Day History in United Arab Emirates

According to the history of Commemoration Day in United Arab Emirates, President Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed announced on 19 August 2015, that 30th of November will be observed as a national holiday each year, which would be called Martyrs’ Day. This would be celebrated to honour the sacrifices of those brave hearts who gave up their lives for UAE while being in the line of duty.

If history is to be believed, then Salem Suhail Khamis is understood as the first Emirati martyr who died on 30 November 1971 when he was fighting against the Iranuian forces in the "battle of the Greater Tunb”.

This day in the list of holidays 2021 is dedicated to the honour and loyalty of its martyrs, in for the sacrifices they have made for their beloved country. It seems as though UAE wants to keep alive the memory of those sons who sacrificed themselves so that the flag of UAE keeps flying high. This happened as they performed their tasks and duties with utmost sincerity in their own homeland as well as abroad, in the military, civil and humanitarian fields.

Many national events are held which are backed by the participation of all government institutions, residents and Emiratis on the day of Commemoration Day in UAE.

The events which are hosted to celebrate the pride of the nation are seen via the values like dedication, loyalty, devotion and belonging in the hearts of those who never took a back step in offering their services for the nation.

How do we celebrate Commemoration Day in UAE?

Here is a peek into some of the events which take place during Commemoration Day 2021 in UAE.

  • The national flag of UAE is lowered at 8 AM in the morning.

  • This happens in each and every government as well as semi government premise and the flag remains lowered unless and until a moment of silence is observed for all the fallen soldiers.

  • A minute long prayer also gets conducted at 11:30 AM for the heroes of the nation.

  • It is at 11:30AM that the flag gets hoisted while the national anthem is sung.

  • People also whole heartedly express their loyalty and gratitude for their own country. An overwhelming sense of patriotism takes over the people as they take part in the celebrations of Commemoration Day in United Arab Emirates.

Commemoration Day Observances

Year Weekday Date Name Holiday Type
2019 Sun 1 December Commemoration Day National Holiday
2020 Tue 1 December Commemoration Day National Holiday
2021 Tue 30 November Commemoration Day National Holiday
2022 Wed 30 November Commemoration Day National Holiday
2023 Thu 30 November Commemoration Day National Holiday
2024 Sat 30 November Commemoration Day National Holiday
2025 Sun 30 November Commemoration Day National Holiday


1. What is Commemoration day in UAE?

Commemoration day in UAE is a special occasion celebrated to honour those fallen heroes who gave up their lives for the sake of their country.

2. Is Commemoration day in UAE a bank holiday?

Yes, Commemoration Day in UAE is a bank holiday. All the schools, colleges and all other public and private institutions remain closed on this particular day.

3.Why is Martyr’s Day celebrated in UAE?

Martyr’s day is celebrated to pay tribute to those martyrs who gave up their lives for the sake of the nation.

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Quick Facts

This year: Tue, 30 November 2021
Next year: Wed, 30 November 2022
Last year: Tue, 1 December 2020
Type: National Holiday

Commemoration Day - Names in Other Languages

English: Commemoration Day, Martyrs’ Day
Arabic: يوم الشهيد
German: Tag der Erinnerung, Tag der Märtyrer
Norwegian: Minnedag - Martyrenes dag, Martyrenes dag