St. George’s Day 2024 in the UK

St George’s Day 2024 in the UK will be celebrated on April 23 . It also goes by the name of Feast of St George and happens to be one of the most prominent festivals in England. Most of the Christian churches here make hosts this particular observance in a very grand manner. Traditionally, the folks of England Day celebrate the Feast of Saint George on the 23rd of April every year and it has been hit-her tho followed with some little alterations.

This is because the Church of England has declared that St George’s Day celebrations should be carried out between Palm Sunday and the Sunday which arrives after Easter Day. There are also some additional complications associated with this day’s observance. One of them is the Catholic community’s decision to celebrate it on a Monday, rather than a Sunday as Sunday happens to be the day when Jesus resurrected from his crucifixion. Nevertheless, let us move on to important insights associated with this day.

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St. George’s Day	in United Kingdom

Is St. George’s Day a Public Holiday?

St. George’s Day is not a public holiday according to Holidays 2024. In the earlier times, this festival used to be a national holiday. But, in the current scenario St. George’s Day is treated as an observance. Businesses have normal opening hours.

St George : Why is he Remembered on this Day?

Traditional and cultural beliefs state that Saint Goerge was a Christain martyr who dates back to the 303 AD. It is believed that he died on 23 April during 303 AD. Most of the stories and legends depict him as a dragon slayer. He took the life of a dragon and saved the people of Libya from its atrocities.

The dragon was wreaking havoc upon the kingdom of Libya and consuming its children one by one. Finally, the king daughter’s turn arrived to present herself in front of the dragon. Ultimately, Geoge arrived in the scene and promised to slay the dragon, provided all people of the kingdom underwent a Baptism. The mutual fulfilment of the wishes led to the celebration of George as a heroic figure, the one who slayed the dragon.

However, fate did not favour him much as the Roman Emperor Diocletian passed orders to persecute Christians, which also included St George. The great and brave soul who had captured the hearts of many refused to give up his belief and faith and make a sacrifice to the pagan Gods. In some pages of history, it has been written that he was tortured in a gruesome manner before he succumbed to his pains and injuries.

Why is St George’s Day Celebrated?

Traditional scriptures state that George was given the title of a saint very soon after his death. The incipience of a feast day also took place on 23rd April to pay a tribute to his martyrdom. It was in the sixth century that legends regarding his life started circulating, which most probably got a further boost by the knights who were returning during the Crusades, the religious wars which took place between the Christians and Muslims.

Finally in the fourteenth century, King Edward III of England recognized his contribution and gave him the title of England’s Patron’s Saint. Several other nations like Portugal and Spain also considered Saint George as their protector. Various other countries like Bulgaria, Cyprus, Greece, Moldova, Georgia and Serbia also provide a celebratory status to St. George.

Public Life on St. George’s Day

In the eighteenth century, the St. George’s Day celebrations started gaining a commendable amount of prominence. A holiday was attributed to this event back then. But, it is no longer a public holiday. Schools, Universities, post offices, business institutions and other important ones also remain open on this day. They maintain their regular schedules on the day of the Feast of Saint George. But socially, the celebrations organized on this day do manage to turn a few heads. Let us now have a detailed look at them now.

Fun Facts Associated with George’s Day?

1. Authorities all across England hoist the national flag, which is also known as St George’s cross.
2. Flags which contain the images of St. George are also flown in various public spaces.
3. Parades, dance festivities are also commonly spectated on this day.
4. Church services which take place on the Sunday nearest to 23rd April include the famous hymn, Jerusalem. It was composed by the great Romantic writer, William Blake.
5. The national flag is named in such a manner, because it is believed that the Scarlett cross present in George’s armour was the inspiration behind it.
6. Fancy fairs are also hosted by some villages in England.
7. The English folk Morris Dance is also commonly spectated during these fairs.
8. Some festivities are specially organized in the Trafalgar square in London.
9. This day also coincides with literary giant William Shakespeare’s birth anniversary. UNESCO has officially declared this day as International Book Day.

St. George’s Day Observances

વર્ષ સપ્તાહ ના દિવસ તારીખ નામ રજાઓ ના પ્રકાર
2019 સોમ 29 એપ્રિલ St. George’s Day તહેવાર
2020 ગુરૂ 23 એપ્રિલ St. George’s Day તહેવાર
2021 શુક્ર 23 એપ્રિલ St. George’s Day તહેવાર
2022 સોમ 25 એપ્રિલ St. George’s Day તહેવાર
2023 રવિ 23 એપ્રિલ St. George’s Day તહેવાર
2024 મંગળ 23 એપ્રિલ St. George’s Day તહેવાર
2025 સોમ 28 એપ્રિલ St. George’s Day તહેવાર


1. Does St George’s Day change?

St. George’s day changes when it is too close to Easter.

2. Is St George’s Day a bank holiday?

St. George’s day is not a bank holiday.

3. Is St George’s Day the same date every year?

St. George’s Day is usually celebrated on April 23. Church of England laws, however, indicate that no day of saints should be celebrated between Palm Sunday and the Sunday after Easter Day so if April 23 falls in that time, the celebrations will be moved to after it.

4. What is the legend of St George?

Most of the stories and legends depict him as a dragon slayer. He took the life of a dragon and saved the people of Libya from its atrocities.

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St. George’s Day - Names in Other Languages

English: St. George’s Day
French: Saint George’s
Estonian: Saint George’i
Norwegian: St. Georges dag