Boxing Day 2024 in the United Kingdom

Boxing Day is the day after Christmas and falls on December 26, 2024, that was originally a day off for servants of wealthy people. After the celebrations, the employees would receive gifts from their employers, and return to their families with these Christmas Boxes. It is majorly celebrated in all the countries which were initially a part of the British Empire, now known as the British commonwealth. It is almost considered to be a second Christmas Day in most of these places.

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Boxing Day	in United Kingdom

Is Boxing Day A Bank Holiday In The UK?

Boxing Day 2024 has been a bank holiday in the UK since 1871 unless it falls on a Sunday. In which case, next Tuesday is then declared off. Simultaneously, if 26 December falls on a Saturday, then the upcoming Monday is declared a Bank Holiday.

What is National Boxing Day?

Falling on the day after Christmas, i.e., on 26 December, Boxing Day is an annual custom, that is majorly observed in the UK. On this day, employers would traditionally give gifts to their employees – a Christmas box. Originating in the UK, this is primarily a British holiday, which is celebrated across the world in current and past commonwealths held by England.

Why is it called Boxing Day?

In the Middle Ages, people would often take most of their leftovers, add some money, clothes, and gifts and fill them in a box and distribute it among the needy or give them to the serving class people. Similarly, servants would take a day-off on the second day of Christmastide and go home with these filled boxes, to celebrate Christmas with their families, a day late. These would include postmen, servants, and errand boys who worked on Christmas. Many Churches also had the tradition of distributing Alms boxes to the poor and the needy on this day.

Boxing Day in the UK: Traditions


Nowadays, the holiday of Boxing Day has generally become a shopping day for the people, as most shops and stores would dramatically decrease their prices. This is sometimes done as a Boxing Day Special at times or as a Clearance Sale after Christmas at others. Boxing Day Sales in the UK are sometimes compared with the Black Friday Sales of the US.


Another tradition for Boxing Day in the UK includes all football and rugby leagues in England, Scotland, and Northern Ireland holding a full programme of football matches throughout the day. Before the top-tier leagues, the Premier League, the Scottish Premiership, and the NIFL Premiership were formed, numerous traditional rugby union fixtures would take place on Boxing Day in the UK every year.

Apart from football, horse racing is yet another part of the British traditions, which is especially prevalent on Boxing Day in the UK. King George VI Chase is the second most prestigious chase in Britain. It is held at Kempton Park Racecourse in Surrey, England on this day. Many horse racing and ice hockey competitions are also held in the present and former British Commonwealths during Boxing Day.

Boxing Day Observances

वर्ष सप्ताहातील दिवस दिनांक नाव सुट्टीचे प्रकार
2019 गुरु 26 डिसेंबर Boxing Day बँक सुट्ट्या
2020 शनि 26 डिसेंबर Boxing Day बँक सुट्ट्या
2021 रवि 26 डिसेंबर Boxing Day बँक सुट्ट्या
2022 सोम 26 डिसेंबर Boxing Day बँक सुट्ट्या
2023 मंगळ 26 डिसेंबर Boxing Day बँक सुट्ट्या
2024 गुरु 26 डिसेंबर Boxing Day बँक सुट्ट्या
2025 शुक्र 26 डिसेंबर Boxing Day बँक सुट्ट्या


1. What is the meaning of Boxing Day in the UK?

Boxing Day is an annual custom, that is majorly observed in the UK. On this day, employers would traditionally give gifts to their employees – a Christmas box.

2. Are post offices open on Boxing Day UK?

Post offices don&apostt usually deliver or collect on bank and public holidays.

3. When was Boxing Day invented?

The 26th of December, Boxing Day, is a holiday celebrated in Britain, New Zealand, Australia, Canada and other Commonwealth nations. Boxing day was established in England in the mid-19th century under Queen Victoria

4. What do people eat on Boxing Day?

Cold turkey, cold gammon, cold stuffing, cold sausages wrapped in bacon with mashed potatoes, lots of various salads and a variety of pickles, chutneys and dressings!

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Boxing Day - Names in Other Languages

Spanish: Día de San Esteban
French: le lendemain de Noël
Chinese: 节礼日
Russian: День подарков
Norwegian: Andre juledag, Annen juledag