Mexico Holidays 2020 and Observances 2020

Get here the updated list of Mexico Holidays 2020 and Observances 2020.

Date Name Type
1 January, Wednesday New Year’s Day National Holiday
6 January, Monday Day of the Holy Kings Observance
2 February, Sunday Candlemas Observance
5 February, Wednesday Constitution Day National Holiday
14 February, Friday Valentine’s Day Observance
24 February, Monday Flag Day Observance
26 February, Wednesday Ash Wednesday Observance, Christian
18 March, Wednesday Oil Expropriation Day Observance
21 March, Saturday Benito Juárez’s Birthday Memorial National Holiday
5 April, Sunday Palm Sunday Observance, Christian
9 April, Thursday Maundy Thursday Bank Holiday
10 April, Friday Good Friday Bank Holiday
11 April, Saturday Holy Saturday Observance
12 April, Sunday Easter Sunday Observance, Christian
30 April, Thursday Children’s Day Observance
1 May, Friday Labor Day / May Day National Holiday
5 May, Tuesday Battle of Puebla / Cinco de Mayo Common Local Holiday
10 May, Sunday Mother’s Day Observance
15 May, Friday Teacher’s Day Observance
21 May, Thursday Ascension Day Observance
31 May, Sunday Whit Sunday Observance
11 June, Thursday Corpus Christi Observance
21 June, Sunday Father’s Day Observance
15 August, Saturday Assumption of Mary Observance
15 September, Tuesday Shout of Dolores Observance
16 September, Wednesday Independence Day National Holiday
12 October, Monday Columbus Day Observance
31 October, Saturday Halloween Observance
1 November, Sunday All Saint’s Day Observance
2 November, Monday All Soul’s Day Observance
20 November, Friday Revolution Day Memorial National Holiday
22 November, Sunday Christ the King Day Observance
8 December, Tuesday Feast of the Immaculate Conception Observance
12 December, Saturday Day of the Virgin of Guadalupe Bank Holiday
24 December, Thursday Christmas Eve Observance, Christian
25 December, Friday Christmas Day National Holiday, Christian
28 December, Monday Day of the Holy Innocents Observance
31 December, Thursday New Year’s Eve Observance

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