Good Friday 2019 in India

Good Friday 2019 in India falls on शुक्रवार, 19 एप्रिल and commemorates the day when Jesus Christ was crucified, followed by his ascension to the Heavens. This is considered to be a day of sadness and mourning, where some people fast and attend Church prayers and vigils. Good Friday is known to be one of the significant Christian Holidays 2019 observed in India during the Holy Week and falls before Easter Sunday.

Let us move ahead and know more about Good Friday history, observances in India and ritualistic ceremonies carried out.

2019 मध्ये गुड फ्रायडे कधी आहे?


एप्रिल, 2019


Good Friday Celebrations

Is Good Friday a Public Holiday?

Good Friday 2019 is observed as a public holiday in India, especially for the followers of Christianity. Therefore, this occasion is considered as a day off for general populations, students, employees, employers and business owners. This means that most of the schools, colleges, academic institutions, universities, post offices, local and state government offices and banks remain either closed or follow a restricted time table.

Public transportation services remain normally functional on this day. However, several areas dominated by Christian natives may see local traffic disruption due to large prayer meets and parades being held. Hence, contact your local traffic authorities and stay updated on the latest developments.

Good Friday History

Good Friday History in India holds high importance and commemorates its observance. As per the historical scriptures and records in Christianity, this event marks the day when Jesus Christ, the Son of God, was brutally tortured throughout the way and crucified on the Cross.

As per the historical records, after the occurrence of the Last Supper, Jesus Christ was arrested after one of his disciples, Judas Iscariot, revealed his presence for thirty silver coins. Since the priests couldn’t get satisfactory answers during the interrogation, he was condemned and sentenced to death after the crowd started demanding his crucifixion. After this started the Stations of the Cross, where Jesus Christ was walking down the road while holding the Cross.

He was both mentally and physically tortured, after which he was crucified and left to suffer for six hours. It was recorded in history that after his death, earthquakes and floods occur on the Earth, which led the mortal world towards the end. As per biblical scriptures, Jesus’ death is regarded as one of the significant events. It is believed that Jesus Christ sacrificed his life for the sins of mankind, after which he ascended to heaven.

Why is Good Friday Termed “Good”?

Although Good Friday is considered as a day of mourning, why is it termed as “Good”? Here’s are some of the reasons we have come across:

  • Literally, one of the synonyms of “Holy” as per Old English is “Good”, which is why this term is used as an adjective.
  • Although Good Friday marks the crucifixion of the Son of God, Jesus Christ, what comes next is his resurrection and ascension to heaven, which signifies his Victory over Evil, Sin and Negativity.
  • Some scriptures may have termed this day as “God’s Friday”, which further corrupted and became “Good”.

Good Friday Rituals in India

Good Friday observance in India includes large prayer meets, public procession and fasting. On this ceremonial day, Christians attend special church services, abstain from consuming meat or alcohol and fast throughout the day to commemorate Christ’s sacrifice. Several areas and religious establishments reenact the whole Act of Crucifixion, where actors dress themselves up in attires and perform the act of the Stations of the Cross. They perform the Walk of the Cross accompanied with sorrows and prayers, and try to highlight the pain and torture Christ had to go through in order to save mankind from the wrath of God.

Christians are seen wearing black-coloured clothes, hats, head-covers, scarves etc. to mark the day of mourning. Usually, during the afternoon, the holy statues, crosses and pictures in the Churches and other religious places are covered with a black cloth, and the whole hall is drowned in darkness from noon till 3 ’o’clock since this is believed to be the time Jesus Christ was crucified. People present within the premises maintain their silence and carry out a sobering attitude. Hymns, prayers, devotional prayers etc. are sung as a part of Good Friday services and rituals, and several Christians also attend the Holy Communion.

Christians in India observe the holy fast to mark the occasion, and fully abstain from consuming any kind of toxic substance or meat. Local Churches offer a bitter drink made of Vinegar, leaves and other ingredients after the service. Natives ask for forgiveness for the sins they have committed, consciously or subconsciously. Some Churches may participate in the ceremony known as Veneration of the Cross. Here, Christians reaffirm their faith by kneeling in front of the Cross.

गुड फ्रायडे Observances

वर्ष सप्ताहातील दिवस दिनांक नाव सुट्टीचे प्रकार
2019 शुक्र 19 एप्रिल गुड फ्रायडे राजपत्रित सुट्ट्या
2020 शुक्र 10 एप्रिल गुड फ्रायडे राजपत्रित सुट्ट्या
2021 शुक्र 2 एप्रिल गुड फ्रायडे राजपत्रित सुट्ट्या
2022 शुक्र 15 एप्रिल गुड फ्रायडे राजपत्रित सुट्ट्या
2023 शुक्र 7 एप्रिल गुड फ्रायडे राजपत्रित सुट्ट्या
2024 शुक्र 29 मार्च गुड फ्रायडे राजपत्रित सुट्ट्या
2025 शुक्र 18 एप्रिल गुड फ्रायडे राजपत्रित सुट्ट्या


1. Is Good Friday a bank holiday in India?

Good Friday is observed as a bank holiday in India.

2. Is Good Friday a happy or sad occasion?

Good Friday is considered a sad occasion in India and worldwide, as it marks the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

3. Can you consume alcohol on Good Friday?

If religiously followed, one must abstain from consuming alcohol or any kind of toxic substances on Good Friday.

4. Is eating meat allowed on Good Friday?

Catholics in India are prohibited from eating meat on Good Friday.

From the above information, it is evident that the festival of Good Friday 2019 in India is observed on शुक्रवार, 19 एप्रिल with great enthusiasm.

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