New Year’s Day 2022 in Canada

New Year’s Day 2022 in Canada is celebrated on the first day of the Gregorian Calendar. It marks new beginnings and commemorates the end of the last year to welcome the next one.

Let’s talk about New Year’s Day from the list of Holidays 2022. Continue reading about New Year’s Day in 2022 to get detailed insights about the celebration, when and why it is commemorated, and all that it entails.

The New Year’s Day is about moving forward from past experiences and looking towards new adventures.

When is New Year’s Day in 2022?


January, 2022


New Year’s Day	in Canada

Is New Year’s Day In Canada A Public Holiday?

New Year’s Day 2022 in Canada is a public holiday and will be celebrated on 1 January. All Canadian provinces and territories alike commemorate the day. In case the first day of the year falls on a Saturday or Sunday, then the statutory holiday is moved forward to the upcoming Monday, i.e., 2 or 3 January, instead.

In most places, businesses, stores, and shops as well as all schools, universities, and government offices remain closed. Additionally, Public Transport services follow a different routine on this day. It is also worth noting that 2 January is a public holiday in the Canadian province, Quebec.

How Is New Year’s Day Celebrated In Canada?

Canada, much like the rest of the world, uses the Gregorian Calendar, having replaced the Julian Calendar when the Roman Emperor introduced it. The numerous leap days was one of the primary reasons behind this substitution of the Calendar issued by Julius Caesar. With time there have been significant changes to the way New Year’s Day is celebrated in Canada. Nowadays, it mostly includes throwing or participating in an NYE bash somewhere in the country.

There are hundreds of places with many fun activities to ring in the New Year. These range from viewing the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) from a hot tub to counting down to midnight from a warmed terrace bar on New Year’s Eve in Canada. Niagara Falls boasts of a unique fireworks show in the country, while Halifax claims the biggest. Nevertheless, although the clinking glasses and hubbub of parties are prevalent throughout, there is another way that Canadians celebrate their New Year’s Day – the traditional way. Let us quickly take a glance at some customs across the country that people still abide by sometimes on New Year’s Day in Canada.

New Year’s Day Traditions in Canada

The folklore and heritage of any country are filled with numerous customs which bring good fortune, prosperity, and serenity to the people. Canada is also abounding in similar conventionalities to ring in the New Year. All these customs are based on letting go of the past and embracing the future with good graces. Let us take a look at the New Year’s Day traditions in Canada to understand the same better.

1. Ice fishing: The most famous New Year’s Day tradition in Canada is to go ice fishing with friends or family. With time, the ice shanties have become much more comfortable, and the practice is thus revived, or should we say thawed. Fishes are said to bring abundance to your New Year according to many customs.

2. Polar Bear Swim: Plunging in the ice-cold water is another way of ringing in the New Year. Famously known as the Polar Bear Swim, this is another New Year’s tradition in Canada, associated with the winter wonderland it becomes during the beginning of a year. This is now mostly done for charity as well as recreation.

3. Clapping & Roaring: Creating a din as the metaphorical ball falls at midnight is another Canadian folklore. Clapping, roaring, hooting, and doing anything to add to the din is important as soon as the countdown ends for New Year’s Day in Canada. As per this tradition, the loud sound waves dispel all negative energies from around you, thereby, bringing only positivity to your New Year 2022.

4. Kissing: This is another New Year’s tradition in Canada which matches that of most other countries. Kissing someone you care about at midnight is believed to be a way of not only showing your love and enhancing your ties but also warding off evil spirits.

5. First Footing: Another prominent tradition for ringing in New Year’s Day in Canada is that of first footing. As per this, a young male is expected to enter one’s household at midnight. This person is supposed to bring good luck and prosperity to their home. A tall, dark-haired person entering one’s home is considered especially auspicious. This said male could be a part of the family itself; however, he has to step out sometime before midnight and then enter as the clock strikes twelve. In some places, what they carry with them also signifies what they are blessing the house with, in this New Year’s Day tradition in Canada. These include silver coins for good luck and prosperity, bread to bless with food, salt for flavours in life, coal to bring in warmth, evergreen to signify long life, and a drink (most probably, whisky) for good cheer.

6. Singing: Much like caroling at Christmas, most English-speaking people sing “Auld Lang Syne” on New Year’s Day in Canada. This song by Robert Burns is considered to be a New Year anthem by many.

New Year’s Day Observances

Year Weekday Date Name Holiday Type
2019 Tue 1 January New Year’s Day National Holiday
2020 Wed 1 January New Year’s Day National Holiday
2021 Fri 1 January New Year’s Day National Holiday
2022 Sat 1 January New Year’s Day National Holiday
2023 Sun 1 January New Year’s Day National Holiday
2024 Mon 1 January New Year’s Day National Holiday
2025 Wed 1 January New Year’s Day National Holiday


1. How does Canada celebrate New Year’s Day?

People celebrate New Year’s Day in Canada by socialising, exchanging gifts, and spending time with their loved ones.

2. What do Canadians eat on New Year’s Day?

Like many others, Canadians also believe that eating Black-Eyed Peas on New Year’s Day brings prosperity in life. These are often part of an elaborate meal which may include any of the following: fish, cornbread, green vegetables, noodles, rice, and ring-shaped desserts like cake and doughnuts.

3. What are the best places to be on New Year’s Day in Canada?

If you wish to celebrate New Year’s Day in Canada, then the country offers a wide range of places to enjoy as it turns into a winter wonderland for all. These include Ontario (especially Niagara Falls), Vancouver, Yukon, Montreal, and Northwest Territories.

New Year’s Day Celebrations in Other Countries

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Quick Facts

This year: Sat, 1 January 2022
Next year: Sun, 1 January 2023
Last year: Fri, 1 January 2021
Type: National Holiday

New Year - Names in Other Languages

English: New Year
Afrikaans : Nuwe jaar
Arabic: سنه جديده (sanah jadiduh)
Bulgarian: Нова година (Nova godina)
Danish: Nyt å
Finnish : uusi vuosi/ uudenvuodenpäivä
Greek Νέος χρόνος (Néos chrónos)
Hindi नया साल (naya saal)/ नव वर्ष (nava varsha)
Irish Athbhliain
Latin Annus novus
Maori Tau Hou