Healthcare Aide Day 2024 in Canada

Healthcare Aide Day 2024 in Canada will fall on 18 October, like every year, but it is not a holiday. However, it will be commemorated in British Columbia and Manitoba.

From the list of Holidays 2024, let us talk about the observance of Healthcare Aide Day in Canada. If you are unsure of when or how Healthcare Aide Day 2024 should be celebrated in Canada, keep reading this article. You will get detailed insights about the day, when and why it is commemorated, and all that it entails.

Healthcare Aide Day in Canada is dedicated to healthcare workers and assistants. It is about showing our gratitude to them, for their unyielding support and care of their charges.

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Healthcare Aide Day in Canada

Is Healthcare Aide Day a Public Holiday?

Healthcare Aide Day in Canada is not a public holiday. It is observed on 18 October each year, and businesses, schools, retail stores, etc. follow their usual schedule for the day. Moreover, this commemoration is officially held only in the provinces of British Columbia and Manitoba.

Observing Health Care Aide Day in Canada

The tradition of observing Healthcare Aide Day in Canada began in 2011. This day, celebrated on 18 October every year, celebrates the work done by Health Care Assistants, not only in Canada but worldwide. These HCAs are an integral part of the frontline healthcare system of the country. The increasingly ageing population in Canada often requires support and care from professionals, that they may not receive from their family members at home.

Health Care Aides go over and beyond the primary health care given to the people in hospitals. In addition to taking care of their health, they will also look after the physical comforts of their patients. This means that the Health Care Assistants will help their charges eat, move, wash, relieve themselves; basically assist them in their daily routine, which they may find difficult to accomplish with age. The HCAs are also responsible for maintaining cleanliness (of equipment, beds, etc.), keeping a record of necessary observations like BP and temperature, as well as being a companion to their charges.

Healthcare assistants form a significant part of the occupational groups in healthcare and continuing care. Thus, Healthcare Aide Day in Canada is dedicated to celebrating these unsung heroes. The HCAs take care of the sick, injured, aged, those with chronic illnesses or disabilities, patients needing palliative care, and all those who require assistance in their day-to-day living (hygiene and mobility). They offer their charges individually, person-centred services and work in a variety of health care settings including hospitals, group homes, community care centres. Hence, Healthcare Aide Day is a way of paying homage to these individuals. This is also a way of boosting employment in this sector, for this is a sizable vocational group.

Healthcare Aide Day Observances

साल सप्ताह के दिन दिनांक नाम छुट्टी का प्रकार
2019 शुक्र 18 अक्टूबर Healthcare Aide Day पर्व
2020 रवि 18 अक्टूबर Healthcare Aide Day पर्व
2021 सोम 18 अक्टूबर Healthcare Aide Day पर्व
2022 मंगल 18 अक्टूबर Healthcare Aide Day पर्व
2023 बुध 18 अक्टूबर Healthcare Aide Day पर्व
2024 शुक्र 18 अक्टूबर Healthcare Aide Day पर्व
2025 शनि 18 अक्टूबर Healthcare Aide Day पर्व


1. What is a Health Care Assistant?

Health Care Aides or Assistants (HCAs) are frontline caregivers. They offer individual-oriented, prime support and care to those who require it daily.

2. Why is Healthcare Aide Day observed in Canada?

Healthcare Aide Day is commemorated in Canada on 18 October every year, since 2011 to honour the prominent, hard, and unyielding work that the HCAs do in their daily life.

3. What are some other titles that Health Care Aides are known by?

Healthcare Aides are more commonly known as Health Care Assistants. In addition to this, they may also be called Resident Care Attendants, Care Aides, Home Support Workers, Community Health Workers, and Patient Care Attendants.

Tl;dr For those who only wish to know When is Healthcare Aide Day in 2024? The date is 18 October, शुक्रवार.

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इस वर्ष: शुक्र, 18 अक्टूबर 2024
अगले वर्ष: शनि, 18 अक्टूबर 2025
अंतिम वर्ष: बुध, 18 अक्टूबर 2023
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Healthcare Aide Day - Names in Other Languages

English: Healthcare Aide Day
French: Jour De L’aide Soins De Santé / Jour De assistants Soins De Santé
German: Die Gesundheitspflege Aide Tag / Tag der Assistenten des Gesundheitswesens
Punjabi: ਸਿਹਤ ਸੰਭਾਲ ਸਹਾਇਕ ਦਿਨ