Christmas Day 2025 in Canada

Christmas Day 2025 is celebrated on December 25 in Canada. Let us talk about Christmas from the list of Holidays 2025. If you are unsure of when Christmas Day in 2025 is to be celebrated in Canada, keep reading this article. You will get detailed insights about the commemoration, and all that it entails.

The celebration of Christmas is well-known across the globe. This day commemorates the birth of Jesus Christ, the Messiah, and talks about banishing evil to give way to the pure and good. This day is about meeting up with your loved ones despite any disparities, trading blessings and good wishes in forms of gifts, and there is a general environment of merrymaking around the world. Every person is affected by the atmosphere effused with magic and hope during the festive season. Lightings, angels, and ornaments on Christmas trees, Advent calendars, wreaths, nativity scenes and plays take up a major part of the celebration. But equally important are the Christmas gifts, the mass on that day, Christmas Carols, and so on.

Let us get some more detailed insights about Christmas Day in Canada.

When is Christmas Day in 2025?


December, 2025


Christmas Day	in Canada

Is Christmas Day a Public Holiday in Canada?

Christmas Day is a public holiday in Canada. All state schools and most businesses remain closed on this day. Public transit systems also shut down and rarely can be seen running as per their daily schedule.

Christmas Celebrations in Canada

The traditions of Christmas celebrations in Canada are quite similar to those around the world. People present their loved ones with Christmas gifts, families gather together for Christmas dinner, kith and kin sit around their decorated Christmas trees on the eve and open gifts in the morning. Children make up lists for Santa Claus, which usually begin with the well-known phrase, "All I want this Christmas is…". The NORAD Santa Claus tracking is also quite famous in Canada, much like the USA. Pantomiming is a Christmas tradition indigenous to the country. People wear masks and visit the homes of those around them, acting quite raucously, making noises, ringing bells, and only stop if the owners of the house can correctly guess their identity.

Additionally, they would quiz the children in the house, and if the kids have been good throughout the past year, then they are rewarded in the form of candies. Christmas celebrations in Canada usually arrive with about 12-14 feet of snow.

Christmas Gifts For Everyone You Love

Christmas gift ideas for your mom

1. Her favourite wine
2. Personalized Coffee Mugs, wine glasses, etc.
3. Cheeseboard
4. Jewellery stand
5. Breakfast in Bed tray (maybe with the Breakfast)
6. Fuzzy slippers
7. Gardening kits (bonsai, flowers, herbs, etc.)
8. Aromatherapy candles
9. Luxury toiletries
10.Tool kit
11. Monthly box/Magazine subscription

Christmas gift ideas for your dad

1. Dad jokes book
2. Ugly Christmas sweater
3. Watch
4. Travel mug
5. Portable cocktail kit
6. Swiss knife
7. Whiskey stones
8. Horn shaped coffee Mug
9. Tool kit
10.Barbeque set

Christmas gift ideas for your siblings

1. Bluetooth pillow/beanie/jacket, etc.
2. Portable charger (designed as something associated with their interests like a book, guitar, etc.)
3. Portable coffee maker
4. Gift cards from their favourite shop
5. Cosy slippers
6. Adult Onesie
7. Merchandise from their Fandom
8. Instant Polaroid Camera
9. Bath tray
10.Bluetooth speaker
11.Care package
12.DIY kits like ice cream maker, candle maker, etc.
13.Yoga kit
14.Card games/Board Games

Christmas gift ideas for your significant other

1. DIY Coupons like date of their choice
2. A star in their name
3. Reasons why I love you (DIY or Personalized)
4. Long-distance touch lamp
5. Birthstone jewellery
6. Camera for the photographer
7. Jewellery (Personalized)
8. Ice maker (specific designs)
9. Adult Card Games
10.Date ideas book
11.Romantic Getaway
14.Life planner
15.Matching Robes

Christmas gift ideas for kids

1. Books
2. Piggybank
3. Bath toys
4. Art kit
5. Secret diary
6. Magic set
7. Mermaid blanket
8. 3D Night light
9. Magic 8 ball/Rubiks Cube
10.Lego set
11.Walkie talkies
12.Colouring book
13.Their favourite superhero/heroine/cartoon costume

Christmas gift ideas for your friends

1. Personalized Coffee Mugs, t-shirts, coasters, bracelets, shot glasses, wine glasses, etc. for your best friend
2. Statement Jewellery, scarves, for the fashionista
3. Books for the bookworm
4. Cocktail kit for the party thrower
5. Sporty Watch for the sportsperson
6. Flavoured coffee beans for the caffeine fiends
7. Scented candles
8. A gift basket filled with goodies according to their interests
9. Photo frames
10.Hip flask
11.Birthstone jewellery
12.Bath bombs

Christmas gift ideas for your colleagues

1. Tea set
2. Tote bags
3. Cookbook
4. Special coffee beans
5. Stationary
6. Popcorn popper
7. Decanter
8. China set
9. Books
11.Scented candles
13.Breakfast sandwich maker
16.Trinkets dish

Christmas Day Observances

Year Weekday Date Name Holiday Type
2019 Wed 25 December Christmas Day National Holiday, Christian
2020 Fri 25 December Christmas Day National Holiday, Christian
2021 Sat 25 December Christmas Day National Holiday, Christian
2022 Sun 25 December Christmas Day National Holiday, Christian
2023 Mon 25 December Christmas Day National Holiday, Christian
2024 Wed 25 December Christmas Day National Holiday, Christian
2025 Thu 25 December Christmas Day National Holiday, Christian


1. Where should I go for Christmas in Canada?

Christmas in Canada turns the country into a winter wonderland. The best places to enjoy the festive season in, are Toronto, Quebec, Montreal, Niagara Falls, Ottawa, Simcoe, and Vancouver.

2. What does Canada drink on Christmas?

Since Christmas in Canada is unusually cold and chilly, thus people prefer Mulled Beverages during the festive season. These are usually warm drinks, spiked with whisky, rum, vodka, etc., and infusions of citrus and spice.

3. Is Canada home to Santa Claus?

Many people do believe that the country is indeed home to Santa Claus. The French-speaking families call him ’Père Noel’, and one of the largest and oldest Santa parades is held every year in Toronto.

Tl;dr For those who only wish to know When is Christmas Day in 2025? The date is December 25, Friday. We Hope That This Article On Christmas 2025 In Canada Was Enlightening For You! Thank You For Being A Part Of Time.AstroSage!!

Quick Facts

This year: Thu, 25 December 2025
Last year: Wed, 25 December 2024
Type: National Holiday, Christian

Merry Christmas - Names in Other Languages

English: Merry Christmas/ Happy Christmas
Afrikaans : Geseënde kersfees
Bosnian: Srećan Božić/ Sretan Božić
Dutch: Vrolijk kerstfeest/ prettig kerstfeest
Finnish: Hyvää joulua/ Hauskaa joulua
German : Frohe Weihnachten/ Fröhliche Weihnachten
Italian Buon Natale
Hindi शुभ बड़ा दिन (śubh baṛā din), शुभ क्रिस्मस (śubh krismas), मेरी क्रिसमस (merī krismas), क्रिसमस मुबारक (krismas mubārak)
Spanish Feliz Navidad
Swedish God Jul