New Year’s Day 2024 in Australia

New Year’s Day 2024 in Australia is widely observed on January 1st every year as per the Gregorian Calendar. This day welcomes the first day of the new year, and marks the arrival of new opportunities, hopes, challenges, changes and so on in the coming year. The New Year’s Day in Australia is commemorated with huge fireworks, merry-making, New Year celebrations, New Year parties and get-togethers. With Australia’s geographical position being near the International Date Line, it becomes one of the primary countries all over the world to observe the New Year.

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New Year’s Day in Australia

Is New Year’s Day a Public Holiday in Australia?

New Year’s Day is observed as a public holiday all around Australia on 1st January every year, according to Holidays 2024. Hence, all public offices, schools, universities, institutions etc. remain closed, but shopping malls and stores may remain open since a boom in the shopping and retail industry is witnessed during that time.

However, some Australian state laws state certain restrictions on trading or purchases on the day of Australian New Year’s Day. In South Australia, New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland, these restrictions are observed, and hence, many stores remain closed on New Year’s Day. Public transport remains limitedly accessible on this day.

New Year’s Day History in Australia

As per the New Year’s Day history, the Julian Calendar was replaced by the Gregorian Calendar in Australia and introduced by European settlers. As per historical instances, when the Gregorian Calendar came into prominence after years and things all over the world were followed as per this calendar itself, New Year’s Day was one of the first events that were widely commemorated as the beginning of a New Year.

Before Europeans came and settled in Australia, the Australian Indigenous Tribes used to track time or season by implying varieties of methods and tools. However, after the settlement of the Europeans and the introduction of the Gregorian Calendar, New Year’s Day in Australia came to be known as one of the few festive occasions observed nationwide.

Best Places To Spend New Year’s Day In Australia

There are several other places in Australia where New Year celebrations are carried out in full force. From fireworks, parades to events and fairs, there are innumerable things one can discover on the day of New Year. Below are some of the popular events that take place in Australia on the auspicious occasion of New Year’s Day:

1. One of the most popular destinations to visit on New Year’s Day in Australia is Sydney, New South Wales. Fireworks on New Year’s Eve in Sydney is an emotional and refreshing experience one can ever witness on this festive day. Huge crowd can be seen around the foreshores near Darling Harbour, and people on the ferries with their loved ones can also be seen enjoying the extravagant sight.

2. The Taste of Tasmania festival in Hobart, Tasmania is organized, where people get to enjoy several stalls, eatables and drinks. This is a perfect place for tourists and natives to be a part of, since they get to taste the region’s best wine, food and other things.

3. The Lord Howe Island in New South Wales is a World Heritage-listed island and said to be a perfect spot for New Year parties and celebrations. People visit from around the world to be a part of New Year festivities and witness the New Year’s Sun on the first day of the year.

4. Celebrate New Year’s Day twice in a night by becoming a part of the merriment in Tweed Heads, New South Wales and then crossing the border over to Coolangatta, Queensland to continue the fun.

5. You have another option of witnessing grand fireworks and becoming a part of the New Year celebrations in Melbourne, Victoria. You can book a seat in advance at the waterfront restaurant located in Docklands, Southbank or rent a private boat on the Yarra River, avoid any crowd and enjoy the extraordinary display.

New Year’s Day Celebrations in Australia

New Year celebrations in Australia consist of huge fireworks displays, New Year parties, themed New Year parties and so on. Several states in Australia host fireworks displays for billions of people and provide an incredible view with free access. You can secure a place at the Sydney Opera House or Mrs Macquaries Point for your family or loved ones and witness the grandeur yourself. Number of cruises offer event and party packages laced with live music and dance on this occasion, and a huge crowd can be seen as a part of this event.

Youngsters can be seen organizing costume or theme parties and inviting all their friends and closed ones for a great party. However, New Year’s Day in Australia can also be seen as a mode of rest to recover from the New Year’s Eve madness and hangover. Horse-racing events are popularly carried out on this day, and people enjoy the fast sport as a means of entertainment.

New Year traditions are widely followed on this day, and it is common for people to set New Year resolutions such as maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle, quitting a bad habit or starting a new hobby etc. When the clock strikes 12, people hug each other, cut cakes and wish Happy New Year to their loved ones. The very famous “Countdown” 10 seconds before midnight is carried out all around the world.

New Year’s Day Observances

సంవత్సరం వార రోజు తేదీ పేరు సెలవు రకం
2019 మంగళ 1 జనవరి New Year’s Day జాతీయ సెలవు
2020 బుధ 1 జనవరి New Year’s Day జాతీయ సెలవు
2021 శుక్ర 1 జనవరి New Year’s Day జాతీయ సెలవు
2022 శని 1 జనవరి New Year’s Day జాతీయ సెలవు
2023 ఆది 1 జనవరి New Year’s Day జాతీయ సెలవు
2024 సోమ 1 జనవరి New Year’s Day జాతీయ సెలవు
2025 బుధ 1 జనవరి New Year’s Day జాతీయ సెలవు


1. What is open on New Years Day Australia?

All Coles & Woolworths Liquor stores will be open on New Year’s Day in every state and territory except South Australia.

2. What is open in Sydney on New Years Day?

Zoos, museums galleries and many of Sydney’s top attractions are open on New Year’s Day.

3. What country is the first to see a new day?

Samoa Kiribati is the first country to celebrate New Year.

New Year’s Day Celebrations in Other Countries

We hope that you have liked this article on New Year’s Day 2024 in Australia and found some interesting places to party on the New Year. We wish you a Happy New Year!

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New Year’s Day - Names in Other Languages

English: New Year’s Day
Norwegian : Første nyttårsdag
Danish: Nytårsdag
Czech: Nový rok
Finnish: Uudenvuodenpäivä
French : Jour de l’an
Hungarian Újév
Portuguese Ano Novo