Holy Saturday 2021 in Albania

Globally, the day of Holy Saturday 2021 commemorates the day after the death of Jesus Christ after being crucified on the Holy Cross. It was on this day that the lifeless body of Jesus Christ was laid down in a tomb, according to the Holy Bible. This day falls after Good Friday and before Easter Sunday and is popularly called as Black Saturday, Easter Eve, Saturday before Easter and locally, Shtunës së (katolike) or Saturday (Catholic). Holy Saturday is observed by both the Catholics and Orthodox Christians residing in Albania. Vigils and prayers are held on this day by both the Catholics and Orthodox Christians, after which the Resurrection Morning is heartily welcomed.

When is Holy Saturday in 2021?


April, 2021


Is Holy Saturday a Public Holiday in Albania?

Holy Saturday is not a public holiday according to Holidays 2021. Most businesses, stores, and shops as well as all schools, universities, and government offices remain open on this day.

Holy Saturday Celebrations in Albania

Both Catholics and Orthodox Christians visit separate places located in Albania to mark the occasion. Catholics pay a visit to the Saint Stephen’s Cathedral located in the city of Shkoder. On the other hand, the Orthodox Christians attend Church services organised at the Resurrection of Christ Orthodox Cathedral, located in the capital city of Tirana. This Cathedral is regarded as one of the largest Christian Cathedrals in Albania.

People on this day attend Religious Vigils and Special Prayers till midnight to welcome Easter. It is a common sight for local Christians to gather at the public squares around eleven at night and be a part of the vigil while carrying a well-lit candle. When the clock strikes twelve, you can see locals proclaiming “Christ is Risen”. This marks the end of the Lent Fasting, which means people can consume food and gorge on delicious food and drinks. It is a common practice for locals to make a Holy Cross on the front doorway of their house by using the soot from their candles. This is considered as a form of protection from the Evil for the coming year ahead. However, the soot from the candle must only be used if the candle remains lit until the natives return back to their homes.

Holy Saturday Observances

Year Weekday Date Name Holiday Type
2019 Sat 20 April Holy Saturday Observance
2020 Sat 11 April Holy Saturday Observance
2021 Sat 3 April Holy Saturday Observance
2022 Sat 16 April Holy Saturday Observance
2023 Sat 8 April Holy Saturday Observance
2024 Sat 30 March Holy Saturday Observance
2025 Sat 19 April Holy Saturday Observance
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Quick Facts

This year: Sat, 3 April 2021
Next year: Sat, 16 April 2022
Last year: Sat, 11 April 2020
Type: Observance