Russia Calendar 2022

1 January, Saturday New Year’s Day National Holiday
2 January, Sunday New Year Holiday National Holiday
3 January, Monday New Year Holiday National Holiday
6 January, Thursday New Year Holiday National Holiday
7 January, Friday Orthodox Christmas Day National holiday, Orthodox
8 January, Saturday New Year Holiday National Holiday
14 January, Friday Old New Year Observance
14 February, Monday Valentine’s Day Observance
23 February, Wednesday Defender of the Fatherland Day National Holiday
27 February, Sunday Special Operations Forces Day Observance
1 March, Tuesday Isra and Mi’raj Muslim
8 March, Tuesday International Women’s Day National Holiday
3 April, Sunday Ramadan starts Muslim
28 April, Thursday Lailat al-Qadr Muslim
1 May, Sunday Spring and Labor Day National Holiday
3 May, Tuesday Eid al-Fitr Muslim
9 May, Monday Victory Day National Holiday
12 June, Sunday Russia Day National Holiday
10 July, Sunday Eid al-Adha Muslim
30 July, Saturday Muharram Muslim
1 September, Thursday Day of Knowledge Observance
8 October, Saturday The Prophet’s Birthday Muslim
4 November, Friday Unity Day National Holiday