Valentine’s Day 2020 in the United States

Valentine’s Day 2020 celebrations in the US entail romance, gifts, fun, and joy all around. The day of love falls during the romantic month of February which is celebrated on February 14 and is a day dedicated to all lovers. The shops seem to turn pink and red with the commencement of the Valentine week, and there is a rush of Valentine proposals, cards, and more.

This is a day of expressing our heartfelt emotions to our beloved, taking one’s relationship to the next level. Couples today believe in dedicating the entire day only to each other, without any interruptions. The celebrations often begin a week in advance and gifts exchanging, declaration of love, marriage proposals are commonplace during the said Valentine week. Let us take a look at what Valentine’s Day in the US entails.

When is Valentine’s Day in 2020?


February, 2020


Valentine’s Day	in United States

Is Valentine’s Day in the United States A Public Holiday?

Valentine’s Day in the United States is not a public holiday, according to Holidays 2020 although the celebrations remain prevalent throughout the country. All shops and businesses open as usual, and some places even celebrate the day as per their office culture.

How did Valentine’s Day start in the US?

Esther A. Howland, famously known as ‘Mother of Valentine’ is the person responsible for bringing Valentine’s Day to America. Most people in the USA probably began exchanging hand-made Valentine cards, as early as the 1700s. However, in the 1840s, Howland brought the concept of mass production of Valentine cards to America. She used lace, ribbons, and colourful pictures to beautify the cards, and the easy accessibility along with the marketing strategies established Valentine’s Day in the US. These mass-produced cards started becoming popular and in today’s time, almost 1 billion Valentine’s Day cards are exchanged every year, of which, 85% are purchased by women.

Why is Valentine’s Day celebrated?

The story of St. Valentinus is said to be the origin story of Valentine’s Day. As per the story, Roman emperor Claudius banned marriages because he believed that married men made poor soldiers. Christian saint Valentinus disagreed with this ideology, and secretly arranged marriage ceremonies for soldiers who wished to marry. The emperor caught Valentinus and sentenced him to death after the latter disagreed with converting to Roman paganism.

It is believed that Valentinus, while imprisoned, fell for his jailor’s blind daughter. With his love and faith, Valentinus cured his lover on the day before his execution, and left one last letter for her, signed ‘Your Valentine’. Ever since then, the tradition of “being someone’s Valentine” has become prevalent. The jailer’s daughter planted a pink-blossomed almond tree near his grave. Later on, this tree and its pink blossoms also became the symbol of abiding love.

According to another belief, the tradition of commemorating all Saints named Valentinus became a part of Christianity from an archaic practice of Ancient Rome. There, 14 February was celebrated as Feast of Lupercalia, an ancient rite associated with fertility. The tradition was then ‘Christianized’ and became St. Valentine’s Day which is now celebrated as Valentine’s Day in the US.

Valentine’s Day Gifts

Men and women alike can be seen planning for Valentine’s Day and Valentine’s Week in advance. One of the essential parts of this celebration is Valentine Gifts. Most couples eagerly wait for the special present that their partner would bring for them. Most common gifts would include flowers, mostly roses, chocolates, cakes, champagne, and soft toys, mostly teddy bears. Getting heart-shaped gifts or anything depicting cupid, heart, or roses have also become the norm. Most people in love often plan their proposals for this day. Singles finally express their hidden emotions to their crush. At the same time, girlfriends or boyfriends can be seen proposing to their partner for marriage. Love permeates the air during this commemoration, and the entire country is bedecked as if it were a festival.

Valentine Week

With time, the celebrations for Valentine’s Day have grown to encompass the entire week leading to the day. Beginning from 7 February, a small token of love is exchanged between lovers. It all cumulates on 14 February when couples usually make a grand gesture or do something special for their partner. Let us take a look at the Valentine Week Celebrations in the US:

7 February: Rose Day

The week begins with the subtle declarations of affection through the favourite flowers of the Goddess of Love, Roses. People would exchange roses of different colours signifying various types of love. Yellow roses indicate friendship, while pink roses imply a crush.

In contrast, red roses are exchanged by people who are in love. Rose Day celebrations in the US turn the entire place, smelling like roses and romance.

8 February: Propose Day

After a person has indicated their feelings to their object of affection, the next day is the chance to propose to them. Many also take Propose Day as a chance to ask out their crush and invite them to be their ‘Valentine’ this year.

9 February: Chocolate Day

Chocolates are said to be a romantic gift, and an aphrodisiac, thus a romantic offering for anyone. Couples can often be seen exchanging this delicious treat on Chocolate day with their significant others.

10 February: Teddy Day

Another gift associated with love is the Teddy Bear. The fourth day of Valentine week celebrates Teddy Day, where a person would give a cuddly soft toy to their significant other.

11 February: Promise Day

Promise Day is the next celebration in Valentine Week. On this day, couples would make promises of forever and abide love to each other.

12 February: Hug Day

A hug can be the most romantic and yet most pure declaration of love for anyone. Hug Day of the Valentine Week celebrates the same.

13 February: Kiss Day

With a kiss, you can express emotions that you could never utter. On Kiss Day, during the Valentine Week celebrations in the US, people discuss their matters of the heart through their lips, without uttering a word.

14 February: Valentine’s Day

Then comes the grand finale of the week, the celebrations of Valentine’s Day in the US. People would plan romantic dates, perfect gifts, and splendid surprises for their beloved throughout the week, for them to take place on this day.

Valentine’s Day Observances

Year Weekday Date Name Holiday Type
2019 Thu 14 February Valentine’s Day Observance
2020 Fri 14 February Valentine’s Day Observance
2021 Sun 14 February Valentine’s Day Observance
2022 Mon 14 February Valentine’s Day Observance
2023 Tue 14 February Valentine’s Day Observance
2024 Wed 14 February Valentine’s Day Observance
2025 Fri 14 February Valentine’s Day Observance


1. Do they celebrate Valentine’s Day in the USA?

Every year on 14 February, Americans celebrate Valentine’s Day by sending cards or letters, giving gifts such as flowers or candy, and getting meals in restaurants.

2. What is Valentine’s Day in America?

This is a day of expressing our heartfelt emotions to our beloved, taking one’s relationship to the next level. Couples today believe in dedicating the entire day only to each other.

3. What does Valentine mean in the Bible?

All who love was born from Heaven, and they know God. This is how God showed his love among us: He sent his one and only Son into the world that we might live through him.

4. Are we off on Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day is not a public holiday. Most businesses follow regular Sunday opening hours in the United States.

Valentine’s Day Celebrations in Other Countries

We hope that this article on Valentine’s Day 2020 in the US can help you out plan this special day more beautifully! A Very Happy Valentine’s Day to you!

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Valentine’s Day - Names in Other Languages

English: Valentine’s Day
Spanish: Día de Valentínג
Hebrew: יום ולנטיין
Korean: 발렌타인 데이
Norwegian: Valentinsdagen, Sankt Valentins dag
German: Valentinstag
Arabic: عيد الحب