Ram Navami 2020 in India

Ram Navami 2020 in India, also known as Shri Ram Navami or Ramnavami, commemorates the birth anniversary of the divine Lord Rama, and is celebrated on Thursday, 2 April. As per the Hindu Panchangam, this festival occurs on the ninth day during Shukla Paksha in the Hindu month of Chaitra, which coincides with the month of March-April as per the Gregorian Calendar and falls during the Chaitra Navratri.

Known as one of the prominent Holidays 2020 in India, thousands of people fast and devote their day into appeasing Lord Ram, the seventh incarnation of Lord Vishnu and the devout son of the Queen Kaushalya and King Dashrath. Let us move forward and know more about this day.

When is Rama Navami in 2020?


April, 2020


Rama Navami	in India

Is Ram Navami a Public Holiday?

Rama Navami is regarded as a public holiday in several states of India. Hence, general offices, schools, universities, colleges, academic institutions, large businesses, and government and private sector offices remain closed. However, some businesses may operate within a selective time period. Also, banks and post offices also remain closed on this day, and public transport services operate with a fixed schedule.

On the other hand, several retail stores, shopping centres, eating joints and public places remain operational. However, they may also follow a restricted schedule. In case people are called to their offices, they can choose to either take a half or full day off.

Ram Navmi History: Legends in Mythology

As per the Ram Navami history and mythological legends, the observance of Ram Navami begins with Ravana, the Demon King of Lanka. It is believed that after performing hard penance, Ravana appeased Lord Brahma and acquired the boon that no one could ever kill him, either the Gods or Demigods.

With his power, he started terrorizing people and implied several rules and regulations on them. Looking at the plight, the Gods went to Lord Vishnu to seek help. Upon hearing this, Lord Vishnu took the human form of Ram and took birth as the mighty son of the King Dashrath and his Queen Kaushalya after Kaushalya, one of the three wives of the King, consumed the Kheer blessed by Yajna, the Lord of Yagna.

It is said that Lord Rama was born on the ninth day of the Chaitra month, and Tulsidas too started penning down Ramcharitmanas on the Navmi tithi during Shukla Paksha in the month of Chaitra.

Later on, it was Lord Ram who killed Ravana and brought back his better-half Lady Sita from his clutches. In Hinduism, Lord Ram is seen as an epic Hero who attained victory over evil.

Ram Navami Celebrations

Celebrations on Sri Rama Navami include:

  • Reciting Ram Raksha Stotra with devotion

  • Organizing Kirtans and Jagrans

  • Narrating Ramayana

  • Idols or statues of Lord Ram are adorned with ornaments and clothes

  • Small idols of Lord Rama are swung in the cradles decorated with flowers

Many Hindus visit the temples dedicated to Lord Ram and perform puja rituals to appease him. Flowers, new clothes, jewellery, sweets and fruits are offered on this day. Many people observe fast on the day of Ram Navami and follow a special fruit diet during the day followed by a pure vegetarian dinner after the Puja has been conducted and the Prasad has been distributed.

Many organise public processions with the idol of Lord Rama being carried on a pedestal and well adorned. In some places a sweet drink called Panakam made with pepper and jaggery is consumed.

Rath Yatras or Chariot Processions are also organized in several states of India, especially in major cities associated with the life of Lord Ram such as Ayodhya (Uttar Pradesh), Bhadrachalam (Telangana), Sitamarhi (Bihar), Rameswaram (Tamil Nadu) and much more.

In the state of Karnataka, Ramnavami is celebrated with great fervour on the streets. In Bengaluru, specifically, a month long classical music fest is organised by the Sree Ramaseva Mandali, R.C.T (R.) Chamrajpet, where both the genres, i.e. Carnatic and Hindustani, are given equal prominence irrespective of religion.

In eastern states such as Odisha, West Bengal and Jharkhand, regional Vaishnavas and temples follow puja rituals and carry out a large celebration on the occasion of this beautiful day. Some people observe fast on this day and recite the epic Ramayana. Charitable events are hosted and donations are made.

Ram Navmi Puja Rituals

  • On the day of Ram Navami, take a bath early in the morning and wear clean clothes.

  • Then, clean the place of worship or altar and place down all the ingredients needed for the Puja ceremony.

  • Do not forget to keep a fresh Lotus flower or Tulsi leaves.

  • Light a lamp or Diya with Ghee and perform the Shodashopachara Puja with great devotion.

  • Then offer Kheer or Sweetened Rice Pudding, to the Lord as a Bhoga along with fresh fruits.

  • Now, the youngest girl in the family will apply a vermillion tilak on every family member’s forehead.

  • Venerate Lord Rama, Lady Sita, Lakshman and Lord Hanuman on this auspicious occasion.

  • Then, distribute the Prasad.

  • You can also organize Jagrans and Kirtans, and observe a fast throughout the day.

Ram Navami Symbols

Lord Ram symbolizes the very essence of the festival of Ram Navami. As per the scriptures such as Ramayana, Lord Ram is depicted as a well sculpted man with a dark, blue complexion. His concept about Dharma and preachings about leading a simple life is what is remembered on the day of Ram Navami. Lord Ram is viewed as a sign of purity and divinity in Hinduism, and people all around the world worship the God with great devotion.

Rama Navami Observances

Year Weekday Date Name Holiday Type
2019 Sat 13 April Rama Navami Gazetted Holiday
2020 Thu 2 April Rama Navami Gazetted Holiday
2021 Wed 21 April Rama Navami Gazetted Holiday
2022 Sun 10 April Rama Navami Gazetted Holiday
2023 Thu 30 March Rama Navami Gazetted Holiday
2024 Wed 17 April Rama Navami Gazetted Holiday
2025 Sun 6 April Rama Navami Gazetted Holiday


1. Is Ram Navami a bank holiday in India?

Ram Navami is regarded as an optional bank holiday in {6} all over the country.

2. What does the festival of Ram Navmi signify?

The festival of Ram Navami signifies the birth of Lord Ram.

3. Ram Navami falls during which Navratri?

Ram Navami is celebrated on the last day of Chaitra Navratri.

4. Is Ram Navami celebrated outside India?

Countries like Jamaica, Mauritius, Trinidad and much more celebrate this festival with great fervour.

From the above information, it is evident that the Ram Navami 2020 in India is celebrated on Thursday, 2 April with great devotion and enthusiasm.

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Quick Facts

This year: Thu, 2 April 2020
Next year: Wed, 21 April 2021
Last year: Sat, 13 April 2019
Type: Gazetted Holiday

Ram Navami - Names in Other Languages

English: Ram Navami
Hindi: रामनवमी
Tamil: ஸ்ரீ ராம நவமி
Telugu: శ్రీ రామ నవమి
Kannada: ಶ್ರೀ ರಾಮ ನವಮಿ
Marathi: राम नवमी
Gujarati: રામ નવમી
Bengali: রাম নবমী
Malayalam: രാമ നവമി