New Year’s Day 2020

New Year’s Day 2020 is an annual event and observed on 1st January. This day marks the beginning of the new year as per the Gregorian Calendar and considered as a public holiday in numerous countries of the world. New Year celebrations begin from New Year’s Eve itself, and people drown themselves in the festivities. Since the majority of the countries follow the Gregorian Calendar, the New Year’s Date falls on 1 Jan itself. However those countries which follow other Lunar and Lunisolar Calendars celebrate the New Year’s Day as per their own calculations. This occasion is commemorated with fireworks, get-togethers, all-night parties and reunions.

New Year’s Day Celebrations

Is New Year A Public Holiday?

New Year is considered to be a public holiday in major parts of the world. Countries such as Canada, Australia, United States of America, and the United Kingdom hosts this day as a major celebratory event, while New Year’s day is considered to be an optional holiday in countries like India. To mark the festivities, government offices, banks, schools, universities, shops etc. remain closed, and public transport schedules differ according to the authorities.

New Year’s Day History

New Year’s Day history holds relevant significance and commemorates the beginning of its observance. New Year’s Day originated in the Roman era, and is said to be dedicated to the Roman God of Beginnings, Janus, after which the month of January is named. Since Janus is a two-faced god, with one face looking into the past whereas the other seeking the future, hence the Romans worshipped and promised God in order to welcome the New Year. From that day onwards, the practice of celebrating New Year came into sight.

In other cultures, the tradition of showering each other with New Year gifts began in the 7th century when the Flanders and Netherlands’ natives carried out the celebrations. After modernization came into sight, the Gregorian Calendar was introduced by Pope Gregory XIII in 1582 with which the western world adopted January 1 as the New Year and started organizing New Year celebrations on that very day.

Why To Celebrate New Year?

Several reasons can be enlisted to why New Year is celebrated throughout the world. Below are some of the reasons to how celebrating this day can bring happiness and joy in one’s life:

  • This day enables the people to step out of their daily routine and enjoy the minute detail of the day. One gets to reflect on their deeds, assess the actions and take or plan necessary steps.

  • Celebrating this special day with your family, relatives, friends- basically your loved ones, helps you to connect on a deeper level. Apart from the ultimate goal of earning more, accumulating wealth and leading a desirable lifestyle, understanding the importance of family and friends should be your top-most priority.

  • With New Year’s day being a holiday, one can experience tranquility and peace of mind. Spending this day without any work pressure, stress or deadline helps to understand life in a better way. Life is more than just money and materialistic things anyways!

  • Celebrating New Year helps to reflect on our good and bad deeds and make a list of things that should be cut out from life. Carrying forward negative traits, thoughts and feelings from the past year onto the New Year can be emotionally fatal.

  • New Year party on New Years’ Eve and New Year’s Day acts as a break from the monotonous daily cycle. Celebrating your life on the very last as well as the first day of the year is worth it.

  • Making New Year Resolutions on New Year is the best reason why one must celebrate this day with great fervour and pomp. Going down this road gives rise to a sense of motivation and power to lead life in a better way.

  • One of the reasons why New Year is celebrated is to pray for luck and wealth and wish good fortune for the upcoming year.

New Year Traditions

Celebrating this festive day either at your home with your loved ones or in another country gives you a glimpse of New Year’s traditions. Several countries follow a set of rituals and traditions to commemorate this auspicious day. In some nations, natives follow the tradition of eating 12 grapes symbolising 12 different months in a year for luck and fortune. On the other hand, empty suitcases are carried around the block by residents of some countries as a traditional ritual. Effigies, that represent the year, are burnt in some parts of the world to mark a fresh start. Several countries such as Canada, India, Australia, USA & UK follow numerous rituals and traditions, each different from the other, thus creating a religious harmony.

New Year Resolutions To Make

At the beginning of every new year, one makes a promise to her/himself and lists out some goals and objectives s/he aspires to achieve in the upcoming year. Do you wish to kick a bad habit? Want to set and attain a new professional goal? Or thinking of getting settled this year? Below we are providing you quick list of some New Year Resolutions you can make to ease your life:

  • Let health, both mental and physical, be your main priority this year. Make a resolution to wake up early and perform yoga, meditation or exercises.

  • Vow to eat healthy throughout the year and cut back on greasy and spicy foods.

  • One of the best and soothing New Year resolutions can be to learn gardening and grow your own herbs and plants.

  • Kicking any bad habit, such as smoking, drinking or any other obsessive habit should be one of your resolutions.

  • You can learn a musical instrument and become proficient in it. Be it harmonica, violin, guitar drums or flute- don’t think much anymore!

  • Another New Year resolution can be to learn a new language, since gaining command over linguistics should be one of your strong points. You can also go for sign language, since it is the art of expressing emotions through actions rather than words.

  • You can set a goal to purchase something you were eyeing on for a long time.

  • Make a list of places you wish to visit and plan your year accordingly. This is by far one of the most recreating and heart-soothing goals you can seek to accomplish.

  • You can opt for volunteering for social events and activities this year, since it will boost your morale and show you one of the faces of life.

  • Apart from reading or cooking, you can opt for a new hobby such as swimming, painting, collecting things and much more.

New Year Celebrations

New Year’s Day is celebrated with great pomp and show all over the world. Fireworks at midnight are one of the major highlights in numerous parts around the globe. People gather around with their family members, friends, office workers or loved ones and celebrations begin from the New Year’s Eve itself. On this occasion, exquisite dishes and food items are prepared, people get together and organize a New Year’s Party and carry out fireworks. Since the New Year celebrations begin from the day before, i.e. at midnight during New Year’s Eve, natives rejuvenate themselves by recovering from last night’s madness and spend quality time together. In some cities, games, parades and social events are also carried out. People also gift their loved ones a token of appreciation and wish for good luck and fortune in the upcoming New Year.

New Year’s Day - Names in Other Languages

English: New Year’s Day
Norwegian: Første nyttårsdag
Norwegian (nynorsk): Nyårsdagen
Norwegian (nynorsk): Nyårsdagen
German: Neujahrstag
Danish: Nytårsdag
Finnish: Uudenvuodenpäivä
Czech: Nový rok
French: Jour de l’an
Hungarian: Újév
Irish: Lá Caille
Italian: Capodanno
Portuguese: Ano Novo
Croatian: Nova godina
Hindi: नए साल के दिन/ पहली जनवरी
Russian: Новый Год
Polish: Nowy Rok
Romanian: Anul nou
Russian (latin): Novy God
Serbian (cyrillic): Нова Година
Serbian (latin): Nova Godina
Slovenian: novo leto
Spanish: Año Nuevo
Swedish: Nyårsdagen
Arabic: عيد رأس السنة
Chinese: 元旦
Dutch: Nieuwjaarsdag


1. What should I do on New Year’s Day?

Celebrate with brunch, organize a family dinner, start a new book, volunteer, take a trip, volunteer activities, etc.

2. What places are open on New Year’s Day?

All Restaurants are open on New Year’s Day.

3. Do banks close early on New Year’s Eve?

All banks will remain open on New Year’s Eve.

We wish you and your family a Happy New Year!