Labor Day or May Day 2020

Labor Day 2020 is an international annual event which commemorates the workers, both labourers and working classes, their hard work and contribution. Labor Day date varies from country to country, however, it is commonly observed on May 12020. This day also goes by the name Workers’ Day, International Workers’ Day, May Day and Labour Day. a pan-national organization consisting of communist and socialist political parties who chose this specific date to mark the special occasion of the Haymarket Affair.

Labor Day or May Day Celebrations

Significance of Labor Day

The international event Labor Day is quite a prominent day and it states that it celebrates the labor movement and years of hard-fought battles by labor unions that resulted in several benefits and advantages for the working class. Be it paid vacations, weekends off, lunch breaks, limited working time, overtime pay or anything, all these benefits are the result of the ground-breaking movements that took place years ago! This day is significant for the labour and working class who devoted their energy and minds into gaining professional perks.

When is Labor Day Date?

Labor Day date varies from country to country. Some of the countries such as Canada and the USA observe this day on the first Monday of the month of September, whereas some like India carry out celebrations on May 1 on an yearly basis. Hence, even though there are contradictory statements about its observance, the spirit and vibe remains the same throughout the world.

Is Labor Day A Holiday?

Labor Day is usually observed on May 1 every year as a national holiday for the masses all over the world. Countries such as Canada, the United States of America, and Australia observe a holiday on different dates. However, labor Day is an optional holiday in several countries such as India and the UK, which means selected states in these countries observe this event and mark a public holiday. Public dealing sectors, offices and organizations alter their timings accordingly.

Labor Day Traditions & History

May Day, another name for Labor Day, is inspired by several Greek festivals such as Anthesteria, and celebrates the Spring season and nature’s fertility. In recent years, May Day is observed as an event/festival commemorating the hard work, industrious efforts and hours of legislative discussions of laborers and Union workers. After the Civil War ended, a movement led by the National Labor Union broke out, where it was demanded that the working hours must be reduced from ten to eight. By 1868, six states and Congress passed the legislature. It was from then that Labor Day came into light.

Labor Day Celebrations

Labor Day is the end result of efforts and time devoted by labor unions to empower socio-economic status of the working class. Since it is regarded as a national and public holiday in several parts of the world, Labor Day parades and marches are carried out shedding light on workers’ rights. Speeches are given on the eventful day that emphasize on the significance of the Labor Movement and how it impacted the lives of people from around the globe. Although no such huge celebrations are carried out in modern times, a holiday on this day provides a much-needed break from the monotony of life. On the other hand if you’re an entrepreneur, you can organize creative events honoring this day by treating your staff with good food, gifts and a flexible but justified ambience. Not just one day, but you must instil a sense of respect within yourself for those who work for you and try to provide them with a fresh environment.

Interesting Labor Day Facts

Let’s read some interesting facts about Labor Day which will give you a quick insight about its observance and why this day is massively significant among labor unions and workers:

  • The very first Labor Day parade was carried out in 1882, when the New York City Unions decided to celebrate and show their support for all the unions.
  • President Cleveland announced Labor Day as a national holiday by signing an act. This act was carried out with the intention of celebrating the efforts of the labor class.
  • It was considered inauspicious to wear white on Labor Day in the Victorian Era.
  • Majority of the people with families probably get together and cook special delicacies.

Labor Day - Names in Other Languages

English: Labor Day / May Day
Norwegian: Arbeidernes dag
Norwegian (nynorsk): Arbeidernes dag
Danish: Arbejdernes kampdag
Czech: Svátek práce
Greek: Εργατική Πρωτομαγιά
Croatian: Praznik rada
Dutch: Dag van de Arbeid
French: La fête du Travail
Italian: Festa del Lavoro
Chinese: 国际劳动节
Hungarian: A munka ünnepe
German: Tag der Arbeit
Portuguese: Dia do Trabalhador
Romanian: Ziua Muncii
Slovenian: praznik dela
Spanish: Día del Trabajo


1. Who started Labor Day?

The person who came up with the idea of Labor Day was Peter J. McGuire, a carpenter and trade union leader.

2. Is Labor Day a patriotic holiday?

Labor Day is a patriotic holiday.

3. Is May 1st a Pagan holiday?

May 1 marks Beltane’s Celtic holiday, also known as May Day, which is celebrated by many Neo Pagans and Wiccans around the world to celebrate the start of summer.

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